2014 Manito Ahbee Contest Results

Posted By Paul G September 14th, 2014 Last Updated on: September 21st, 2014

Contest results for the 2014 Manito Ahbee Pow Wow.


Category Name Place


Elder Women Evelyn Tom 1


Elder Women Vera Kingbird 2


Elder Women Eliza Bird 3


Elder Women Harriet Prince 4


Elder Women Ula Hotomani 5


Elder Men Stanley Bird 1


Elder Men Wilson Roberts 2


Elder Men Randolph Pashe 3


Elder Men Joe Morrisette 4


Golden Age Jingle/Fancy Shawl Irene Oakes 1


Golden Age Jingle/Fancy Shawl Lillian Gadwa 2


Golden Age Jingle/Fancy Shawl Elaine Medicine 3


Golden Age Jingle/Fancy Shawl Hazel Joseph 4


Golden Age Jingle/Fancy Shawl Doren Skeed 5


Golden Age Fancy Feather/Grass Ivan Lonechild 1


Golden Age Fancy Feather/Grass Royce King Bird 2


Golden Age Fancy Feather/Grass Crazy Horse Bison 3


Golden Age Fancy Feather/Grass Howie Copence 4


Golden Age Fancy Feather/Grass Joe Thunderbird 5


Women’s Golden Age Linda Standing 1


Women’s Golden Age Sharon Roberts 2


Women’s Golden Age Donna Pratt 3


Women’s Golden Age Dorothy Myo 4


Women’s Golden Age Georgina Henry 5


Men’s Golden Age Timothy Eashappie Sr 1


Men’s Golden Age Mike Laliberte 2


Men’s Golden Age Garry Sinclair 3


Men’s Golden Age Dennis Francis 4


Men’s Golden Age Cecil Nepoose 5


Jr Girls Fancy Shawl Landis Roan 1


Jr Girls Fancy Shawl Harmony Speidel 2
Jr Girls Fancy Shawl Dayleen Topsky 3


Jr Girls Fancy Shawl Demiraye Meeches 4


Jr Girls Fancy Shawl Mikwanis Harris 5


Jr Girls Jingle Yanabah Whitehorse 1


Jr Girls Jingle Serene Oakes 2


Jr Girls Jingle Chante Speidel 3


Jr Girls Jingle Emma Missyabit 4


Jr Girls Jingle Candy Campeau 5


Jr Girls Traditional Tessa Holds The Enemy/Abbey 1


Jr Girls Traditional Shundeen Whitehorse 2


Jr Girls Traditional Amya Goodeagle 3


Jr Girls Traditional Penny Campeau 4


Jr Girls Traditional Auroa Nelson 5


Jr Boys Fancy Skychild Michell 1



Jr Boys Fancy Brenden Patrick 2


Jr Boys Fancy Cole Patrick 3


Jr Boys Fancy Jovi Starblanket 4


Jr Boys Fancy Logan Taylor 5


Jr Boys Grass Colter Cook 1


Jr Boys Grass Roberts Mu-Juhtheen 2


Jr Boys Grass Peyton Whitebuffalo 3


Jr Boys Grass Laz Nepoose 4


Jr Boys Grass Tai Bird 5


Jr Boys Traditional Hayden McArthur 1


Jr Boys Traditional Blaze Standing Ready 2


Jr Boys Traditional William III Kasaywaysemat 3


Jr Boys Traditional Stacy Kiycwakan 4


Jr Boys Traditional Jaquin Ronning 5


Jr Boys Chicken Deo Topsky 1


Jr Boys Chicken Donny Jr Antoine 2


Jr Boys Chicken Tavon McCorriester 3


Teen Girls Fancy Tatiyana Brown 1


Teen Girls Fancy Oke-Twisha Roberts 2


Teen Girls Fancy Madison Baptiste 3


Teen Girls Fancy Prairie Rose Littletent McAdam 4


Teen Girls Fancy Sienna Goforth 5


YouthHoop Dance Dallas Arcand Jr 1


YouthHoop Dance Oke-Twisha Roberts 2


YouthHoop Dance Evander TwoHeart 3


YouthHoop Dance Mu-Juhtheen Roberts 4


YouthHoop Dance Emilie McKinney 5


Adult Hoop Dance Dallas Arcand Sr 1


Adult Hoop Dance Shanely Spence 2


Adult Hoop Dance Peanutt Roberts 3


Adult Hoop Dance Brian Clyne 4


Adult Hoop Dance Melvin Starr 5


Teen Girls Jingle Kaigan Olson 1


Teen Girls Jingle Tia Wood 2


Teen Girls Jingle Kanses Thompson 3


Teen Girls Jingle Kyla Henry 4


Teen Girls Jingle Sierra White 5


Teen Girls Traditional Layla Good Eagle 1


Teen Girls Traditional Kaleigh Starblanket 2


Teen Girls Traditional Tatayannah Bull 3


Teen Girls Traditional Shailyn Poorman 4


Teen Girls Traditional Jacque Hunting Hawk 5


Teen Boys Fancy Jessup Yazzie 1


Teen Boys Fancy Darian Brown 2


Teen Boys Fancy Sincere Toto 3


Teen Boys Fancy Keanu Noon 4


Teen Boys Fancy Piita Thunderchild 5


Teen Boys Grass Charles Lasley 1


Teen Boys Grass Casey Smith 2


Teen Boys Grass CJ Thompson 3


Teen Boys Grass Cree White 4


Teen Boys Grass Treian Whitehead 5


Teen Boys Traditional Teddy Yuzicappi 1


Teen Boys Traditional Trevor Starr 2


Teen Boys Traditional Marlin ??? 3


Teen Boys Traditional Kelsey Starblanket 4


Teen Boys Traditional Morley Taylor 5


Teen Boys Chicken Wayland Mistickokat 1


Teen Boys Chicken Brayden Severight 2


Teen Boys Chicken Travis Henry 3


Teen Boys Chicken CJ Thunderspirit 4


Teen Boys Chicken Jack Peyachen 5

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