2014 Hunting Moon Contest Results

Posted By Paul G November 9th, 2014 Last Updated on: November 9th, 2014

Men's Woodland Style Special
1st Shane Mitchell Lac du Flambeau, WI
2nd Adam Nordall Fallon, NV
3rd Pete Powless Odanah, WI
4th Vincent Bender Odanah, WI

Women's Old Time Scrub Special
1st Angelina Hindsley Wisconsin Dells, WI
2nd Jancita Warrington Mayetta, KS
3rd Tracy Pecore Stevens Point, WI
4th Deborah Plain Ontario, Canada

Golden Age Men's Combined
1st Royce Kingbird Red Lake, MN
2nd Ronnie Preston Anadarko, OK
3rd Paul Cloud Baraboo, WI
4th Mike King Oneida, WI
5th Ejay Smith Walker, MN

Golden Age Women's Combined
1st Annamae Pushetonequa Montour, IA
2nd Patricia Eagleman Black River Falls, WI
3rd Carmen Clairmont Lakewood, CO
4th Madelynn Goodwill Sioux Falls, SD
5th Oralann Caldwell Keshena, WI

Senior Men's Fancy
1st Wayne Silas Jr Oneida, WI
2nd Dwight White Buffalo Watonka, OK
3rd Clayton Crawford Cass Lake, MN
4th Joe Bointy Lawrence, KS
5th Mick Escamed Oneida, WI

Senior Men's Grass
1st Randall Daskemin West Valley, UT
2nd Michael Davis Boston, MA
3rd Lakota Clairmont Lakewood, CO
4th Mike One Star Two Strike, SD
5th Ronald Preston St. Francis, WI

Senior Men's Traditional
1st Lonny Street Hollister, NC
2nd Chaske Lablanc Lower Sioux, MN
3rd Tony Wahweotten Mayetta, KS
4th Terry Fiddler Red Wing, MN
5th B J Haury Apache, OK

Senior Women's Fancy
1st Kellie Lebeau Eagle Butte, SD
2nd Lisa Ewack Saskatchewan, Canada
3rd Shelley Bointy Lawrence, KS
4th Shirley Hill Alberta, Canada
5th Brenda Davis Framingham, MA

Senior Women's Jingle
1st Rowena Roberts Atwood, OK
2nd Henrietta McGurk Sacramento, CA
3rd Dianne Desrosiers Browns Valley, MN
4th Candice Johnson Minneapolis, MN
5th Vickie Hindsley Wisconsin Dells, WI

Senior Women's Traditional
1st Danita Goodwill Reserve, KS
2nd Angelina Hindsley Wisconsin Dells, WI
3rd Rochelle Bull Head FT Yates, ND
4th Brigitte Morris Lyndon Station, WI
5th Deborah Plain Ontario, Canada

Adult Men's Fancy
1st Darryl Hill
2nd Spike Draper
3rd Terrance Cleveland
4th Albert King JR
5th Marquel Crawford

Adult Men's Grass
1st Trae Little Sky Sioux Falls, SD
2nd Clifton Cloud Reserve, KS
3rd Wylie Bearstail Bismarck, ND
4th Adam Nordall Fallon, NV
5th Luke Cloud Sisseton, SD

Adult Men's Traditional
1st Joe Syrette
2nd Dana Warrington
3rd Reuben Crowfeather
4th Michael Fish Jr
5th Shane Mitchell

Adult Women's Fancy
1st Tanksi Clairmont
2nd Jocy Bird
3rd Nahmi Lasley
4th Verna Street
5th Rose Track

Adult Women's Jingle
1st Grace Pushetonequa
2nd Cassie Lasley
3rd Tonia Jo Hall
4th Rena Nevagua
5th Celeste McGurk

Adult Women's Traditional
1st Alva Fiddler
2nd Arianna Greencrow
3rd Kristol Abel
4th Cherish Toehay
5th Jasmine Fiddler

Teen Boy's Fancy
1st David Cleveland Lyndon Station, WI
2nd Sonny Means Eagle Butte, SD
3rd Wayne Silas III Oneida, WI
4th Quentin Cleveland Eau Claire, WI
5th Zach Wahweotten Mayetta, KS

Teen Boy's Grass
1st Therien Paskemin West Valley, UT
2nd C J Lasley Dearborn Height, MI
3rd Omashkoonce Santos St Paul, MN
4th Casey Smith Red Lake, MN
5th Ashkii Kadenehii Gardengrove, CA

Teen Boy's Traditional
1st Donovan Haury Apache, OK
2nd Brevin Boyd Crandon, WI
3rd Triston Lasley Tama, IA
4th Floyd King Oneida, WI
5th Bobby Mo Lyndon Station, WI

Teen Girl's Fancy
1st Oke-Twisha Roberts Atwood, OK
2nd Beedoskah Stonefish Peshawbetown, MI
3rd Brennah Wahweotten Mayetta, KS
4th Vanessa Schocko Peshawbetown, MI
5th Alaska Salter Ontario, Canada

Teen Girl's Jingle
1st Dajla Shinos Mt Pleasant, MI
2nd Waskwane Stonefish Peshawbetown, MI
3rd Savaneh Phillips South Hampton, NY
4th Tiana Shocko Peshawbetown, MI
5th A J Douglas Ontario, Canada

Teen Girl's Traditional
1st Taylor Clairmont St Paul, MN
2nd Aerius Benton Hayward, WI
3rd Catherine Howell Tecumseh, OK
4th Tara Alexis Fiddler Red Wing, MN
5th Delicia Payer Winnebago, NB

Junior Boy's Fancy
1st Buster Cleveland Lyndon Station, WI
2nd Dawson Grignon Keshena, WI
3rd Silas White Buffalo Granite Falls, MN
4th Levi Cleveland Lyndon Station, WI
5th Geno Whitecloud Lacrosse, WI

Junior Boy's Grass
1st Chaske Jacobs Oneida, WI
2nd Hudson King Oneida, WI
3rd Bodie Nordwall Fallon, NV
4th Muh-Juntheen Roberts Atwood, OK
5th Lennox Lasley Wisconsin Dells, WI

Junior Boy's Traditional
1st Damon Scott Jr Black River Falls, WI
2nd Guppy Benton Lac Courte Oreilles, WI
3rd Elijah Bear Leonard Baraboo, WI
4th Raymond Begay Chicago, IL
5th Chadon Locklear Pembroke, NC

Junior Girl's Fancy
1st Wakinyela Clairmont Lakewood, CO
2nd Micayla Silas Oneida, WI
3rd Malia Jacobs Oneida, WI
4th Emaree Jane Iron Hawk Eagle Butte, SD
5th Red Star Cavanaugh Minneapolis, MN

Junior Girl's Jingle
1st Coral Benton Hayward, WI
2nd Maicy King Oneida, WI
3rd Sapphire Leblanc Lac du Flambeau, WI
4th Kitahna Silas Oneida, WI
5th Juniper Kewayosh-Deleary Ontario, Canada

Junior Girl's Traditional
1st Joleece Pecore Stevens Point, WI
2nd Maddy Douglas Ontario, Canada
3rd Nicole Nordwall Fallon, NV
4th Abigayle House Wisconsin Dells, WI
5th Aryana Robinson Lansing, MI

Adult Drum
1st Midnite Express
2nd Smokeytown
3rd Dakota Nation
4th Iron Boy
5th Battle River

Youth Drum
1st Tomahawk Circle
2nd Young Eagle Bear
3rd Rizing Bear

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