2013 Catawba Pow Wow Contest Results

Posted By Paul G April 16th, 2013 Last Updated on: April 16th, 2013

Results from the 2013 Catawba Pow Wow.

Men's Fancy Special- Josh Hill
Men's Grass Special- Peanutt Roberts

Best Cowgirl- Verna Street
Best Cowboy- Eric Bird

Eastern War
1st- Dean Stanton
2nd- Ooceola Mullin
3rd- Christian Weaver

Men's Chicken
1st- Notah Wahpepah
2nd- Dale Roberts
3rd- Karry Reed
4th- Leland Thompson

Eastern Blanket
1st- Rainbow Hill
2nd- Chenae Bullock
3rd- Karen Henderson

Women's Jingle
1st- Rowena Roberts
2nd- Jackie Klein
3rd- Meredith Hedgepath
4th- Kayla Lookinghorse

Men's Grass
1st- James Day
2nd- Peanutt Roberts
3rd- Josh Richardson
4th- Travis Schuyler

Men's Fancy
1st- Eric Bird
2nd- Josh Hill
3rd- Daniel Tramper
4th- Hunter Burridge

Women's Fancy Shawl
1st- Verna Street
2nd- Oke-twsla Roberts
3rd- Cindi Harris
4th- Katy Isennock

Men's Straight
1st- Audie Todome
2nd- Redsky Wahpepah
3rd- Aaron Partin
4th- Freddie Partin

Women's Southern Traditional
1st- Monica Raphael
2nd- Kristin Weaver
3rd- Sparrow Plainbull
4th- Leona Goldsmith

Men's Northern Traditional
1st- Will Tushka
2nd- Charles Belisle
3rd- Will Richardson
4th- Nick Locklear

Women's Northern Traditional
1st- Tory Handboy
2nd- Quahna Mars
3rd- Nikki Santos
4th- Kim Stearus

Golden Age Men
1st- Joshiah Hill
2nd- Edmond Nevaquaya
3rd- Daryll Bird
4th- Rick Bottenbaugh

Golden Age Women
1st- Salina Todome
2nd- Sarah Partin
3rd*- Brenda Silva
3rd- Virginia Barnett
4th- Kimberly Martin

Southern Drum Contest
1st- Southern Sun
2nd- Southside
3rd- Edisto River Singers
4th- Southern Crew
Northern Drum Contest
1st- Medicine Tail
2nd- Stoney Creek
3rd- MGM
4th- Blue Smoke


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Edward healy

The Eagle protection Act is not based on what race or heritage anyone claims to be,It is based on sovereign rights as a sovereign nation of Indians that are federally recognized by the BIA and not all people claiming a race are citizens of a sovereign nation and most have no eagle feather tradition of wearing eagle feathers historically or religiously and merely copy or mimic what they have seen real tribal people wearing.Being of or claiming a race does not give exemption to any federal wildlife laws and federally recognized members must obtain permits to have bird parts anyway also.

the protection of wildlife comes before anyones wannabee wishes.

arron hadf

The Lumbees are an invented state made tribe and are not exempt from the Eagle bird of prey protection act;

anyone please report these acts if you see anyone at the Lumbee powwow this May wearing protected bird feathers or body parts .

if the person is not a member of a federally recognized tribe they are in violation and may be arrested on the spot and fined !!

This law is part of native American sovereignty rights and the Lumbee are not Sovereign.

(919) 856-4756 for reporting violations 252 7962400

Travis Schuyler

i placed 4th in grass and my last name is spelt wrong (it’s Schuyler)..if possible can u please correct and thank you.

Travis Schuyler

thank you and im honored my pic is for the results page ๐Ÿ˜€ all smiles

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