15 Native American Coffee Mugs You Need

Posted By BrittanyLCerny February 22nd, 2022 Last Updated on: March 2nd, 2022

Whether you’re into coffee or tea or just prefer to drink your beverage from a mug—everyone needs a mug, or two…or more!

Over the years, coffee mugs have evolved from basic dishware staples to artistic statements and modes of expression. That includes gorgeous, elaborate, even cheeky, ones that might not be safe for work, unique and personalized options, and inspirational mugs. You can’t own just one coffee mug. Not only do you need one at home, at work, and a travel mug for the car, but sometimes you just need the cute one you stumbled upon online as well. 

Coffee mugs make great gifts because they are inexpensive and can be custom-made and individualized to the user’s personality. You'll find cat mugs for the crazy cat lady (we all know one), grammar mugs for the wordsmiths, and eclectic, eccentric mugs to accommodate virtually any type of hobbyist. And, of course, you'll find indigenous-themed mugs made by and for those who are Native American…and proud of it! 

For some reason, drinking coffee and tea out of a special, hand-picked mug makes it taste way better. And sometimes coffee mugs don't even get drunk out of; they are used as a mini work of art displayed in an office, classroom, or kitchen. Either way is okay! With that being said, check out the 15 Native American coffee mugs that we accumulated just for you to see–and buy!

Cute and Charming Native American Mugs

Indigenous mug Indigenous owned shops Native American coffee image 2

From Ogoki Wild


Everyone needs a cute and catchy coffee mug in their life. Not only does drinking coffee give you a jolt of energy, but an engaging mug with a fun saying will also give you a spiritual lift. When you own this Indigenous coffee mug that has a bit of sass and attitude, it shows others that you are proud to be Native American and that you have a sense of humor.

This hand-made, ceramic mug holds up to 11 oz of liquid. It is created and made by Sharon, who runs her 100% Indigenous-owned shop on Etsy. With over 400 almost 5-star reviews, this shop is one of the best for all things Native America. She has a variety of charming t-shirts, mugs, bags, and more.

Yáátééh Abíní Mug Good Morning in Navajo Unique Gifts image 1

From NizhoniYarnWorks


Maybe you’re looking for a tribe-specific gift for someone. This super adorable mug shows off the Navajo language and will greet you with a “Good Morning!” each and every time you use it. Buying yourself or someone else a tribe-specific coffee mug is quite thoughtful and personalized. It shows that you are proud of your culture and are celebrating and appreciating the Native language. 

This Etsy shop is also Native-owned and operated. The owner, Vanessa Begay offers customers an array of jewelry, mugs, masks, and crocheted accessories––most with a Native theme. 

Purchase this Native American mug and wake up to sunshine and caffeine!

INDIGENOUS x5 Mug image 1

From PrettyCreationsByJ


Say “indigenous” five times and you’ll be in your happy place! Or rather read it. This Native American coffee mug is both artsy and adorable. It definitely screams indigenous and allows its owner to show off their heritage with pride. 

Jaysha, the owner of this store, offers a variety of custom t-shirts, vinyl cuts, and personalized crafts. She also allows you to custom-create your own shirt, mug, vinyl cut, and even gifts for infants and toddlers. If you want a different indigenous mug, or more than one, her shop is the place to visit.

Valentines Day Coffee Tea Mug Gift Ayoo Aniinishni I love image 1

From SageLadyTradingCo


Even though Valentine’s Day has just recently passed, doesn’t mean you can’t show your love and appreciation to friends, partners, and other family members. Ayoo Aniinishni means “I love you” in Navajo. Just like the previous “Good Morning” mug, a tribal language-specific coffee mug is a wonderful, personalized gift for yourself or others.

When ordering this from Rachelle, who is Navajo herself, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Ayoo Aniinishni Coffee Tea Mug
  • Valentine’s Cellophane Bag with Heart Gift Tag
  • 1 packet hot chocolate 
  • 1 peppermint spoon
  • 1 dark chocolate almond biscotti 
  • 1 Ayoo Aniinishni Greeting Card

It’s a six-for-one deal!

Other featured items that Rachelle sells in her store are smudge sprays, perfume rollers, t-shirts, masks, and more.

Cute Mug

From SillyTillyTidbits


It’s another cute Native mug from SillyTillyTidbits! Smudging is a sacred Native American ritual that uses herbs and smoke to “purify, spiritually cleanse, rid physical spaces of negative energy, and bless.”

Add this gem to your mug collection. By sipping out of it each morning, it will remind you to be your best and to promote positivity wherever the day may take you.

Artistic and Appealing Native American Mugs

Southwestern Native American Inspired Handmade Coffee Mug image 1

From Gonegirldesigns 


This Southwestern, Native American-inspired coffee mug is for someone who appreciates art and design. It can add a pop of color and flair to your morning as you wake up to a wonderful aroma coming from this mug.

Gonegirldesigns is owned and operated by Kate Love, who loves what she does for a living. Designing is her thing, and you can tell it is her calling my browsing through her other work. She designs clothes, leggings, phone cases, pillows, mugs, wall art, masks, ornaments–basically anything you want!


From 3drose


This two-toned Native American-inspired mug featuring a dream catcher changes colors once warmed up. It starts off all black, and once it is filled with a hot liquid, the white portion and image reveal themselves! While most mugs are dishwasher safe, this one should be hand-washed to preserve its beautiful design. But don’t let that deter you from purchasing this gem!

Amazon has such interesting finds. You can truly surprise someone with this Native, dream catcher mug.

Vtg Cherokee Mug Native Americans and Teepees at Night Gold image 1

From VintageMugMedley


Some people want to venture away from the standard coffee mug. They want someone to notice and appreciate it, and they also want to have something to admire as they sip on their warm wake-me-up in the morning. This Native American coffee mug is vintage from the 1980s, was made in Japan, and has gold accents. It is in excellent condition and the seller has a variety of similar mugs for sale.

The seller, Lori, has over 100 5-star reviews. Her store offers a variety of mugs and drinkware from the past. If you or someone else likes to collect hard-to-find or uncommon things, purchasing a vintage mug is a great decision.

From MugBrew


This ceramic, watercolored dreamcatcher mug is just the one you need. It has vibrant colors that will encourage you to wake up and get your day started. You can also sip on some chamomile tea while the dreamcatcher helps ease you to sleep. Coffee or tea, either way, it works! 

While this Native American mug can be owned by anyone, it definitely gives off a young, fresh vibe. Do you know someone who is about the graduate or go off to college? This can be the perfect gift to wish someone well as they go off on their own. Give them the gift of sweet dreams and a hopeful future.

Rainmaker Porcelain Mug Maxine Noel Indigenous Artist image 1

From Truenorthartcan


This beautifully-designed porcelain mug depicts an indigenous rainmaker. Handmade by Sioux artist Maxine Noel, the mug can be used for coffee, tea, or simply as a small work of art in the kitchen or office. When you order one, you also get a special gift box signed by Maxine herself with a special quote included, “Raindrops provide life on earth.”

The True North Art store offers a variety of artwork and prints from other artists as well. You can also collect more Maxine Noel mugs through their store!

Inspirational Native American Mugs

Native American Indigenous Eagle Coffee Mug Make American image 1

From NativeAmericanShirt


While the election is over, there is another one on the horizon. But despite politics, this motto rings true for most indigenous people. By purchasing this Native American coffee mug, you can represent your heritage while also inspiring others to support Native communities.

The owner of this Etsy store is Betsy Pappan, a proud Native of the Kaw Nation of Oklahoma. Her store is inspirational and empowering. Go ahead and buy this mug for you and your fellow indigenous friends and family members while showing support for another indigenous business owner.

Hand Red Mmiw New 2021 Mug image 1

From RubysVintageemporium


This mug is fierce. It represents the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women social justice group and the thousands of Native women that have been murdered or have disappeared and have never been found. The statistics are staggering. Indigenous women continue to be at a much higher risk compared to other races and ethnicities of domestic violence, rape, trafficking, abduction, and murder. 

One of the USA MMIW’s mottos is “Threaten our existence, expect our resistance.” By purchasing this mug, you can show support in many ways. While this Native American mug isn’t “vintage,” Ruby’s Vintage Emporium sells new products as well. Grab a similar MMIW t-shirt to go along with your mug.

Woman Cherokee Blood Mug Cherokee Women Coffee Mugs Tumbler image 1

From BeanMugs


Where are the Cherokee ladies at? Use this mug with pride and power as you represent your culture and heritage. The catchy design and pops of color will brighten your morning and pave the way for a wonderful day. And when you go to bed, sip on some herbal tea to soothe your body and mind as you reflect on the day. You were a go-getter and met your goals–and you will again tomorrow. 

One of the many great things about this design is that the seller offers it in a number of options. The picture shows a classic 11-ounce mug, although you can also purchase it with a tumbler, stainless steel travel mug, a 15-ounce mug, and more. Bean Mug owner, Michael, offers even more Indigenous-inspired mugs, so check out his store!

Ancestral Strength & Cofee Mug image 1

From TheeIndigenous


Sometimes you just need a little reminder in the morning to be your best self. When you wake up, it is possible that you need both a reminder to get a caffeine boost as well as to be strong and proud. While this mug is classic and simple, it packs a punch. There is something special about remembering where you came from and who your ancestors are…and this mug will do that. After drinking from it, get your workout on, wrangle up the kids, and get to work, because you can literally do anything.

TheeIndigenous sells other Indigenous-inspired mugs as well as clothes.

It’s Time to Buy!

Now that you have seen the best selection of Native American coffee mugs, which ones will you buy? Don’t forget that many of these Etsy and Amazon shops are Native-owned and operated. Native businesses around America are diversifying and spreading like wildfire. And it’s fabulous and exciting! 

An article from Native News Online says it best: 

If we take into consideration that by 2060, the American Indian and Alaska Native population is estimated to reach 10 million people, entrepreneurship in this sector will increase, and consequently, their economy could stabilize. The role of small business grants for minorities is extremely important as support for the development of Native nations within the U.S. Native Americans have proven to be successful in the business world and the number of companies has grown steadily.

By purchasing from them, you are supporting a creative indigenous individual. Help make Native people and communities more visible, more celebrated, more understood, and more appreciated by choosing to spend your money on their talents. 

PowWows.com earns a commission on the sales of products from Etsy and Amazon.com.

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