12 Natives Who Are Making a Difference

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown November 17th, 2014 Last Updated on: January 23rd, 2019

I hope you guys were able to check out the new Rebel Music: Native America documentary on Thursday! If not, it's now streaming on MTV's Facebook for your enjoyment. We've provided a link below. Check it out!

In honor of the show, the creators of Rebel Music posted a list on Buzzfeed to let the world know about 12 Natives who are standing up to represent their heritage and their culture. Who else would you like to see on this list?


Be sure to click on the links below, we have featured many of these folks on PowWows.com!

1. The 1491s
2. Frank Waln
3. Tessa McLean
4. Inez Jasper
5. Amanda Blackhorse
6. Nataanii Means
7. Mike “Witko” Cliff
8. Bird Runningwater
9. Chaske Spencer
10. Adrienne Keene
11. Jeremiah Bitsui
12. Klee Benally

Post by MTV.

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RedStar Candelaria has a few songs and a soundcloud presence


Whatis it like being an LGBT person in a native American community?


What about Waylon peehona.
He’s amazing. He is changing my life with the help of his “healthy active native” group. He is such an inspiration and motivation.
HAN’S proud 😀

Lainn Goddard

As far as who else should be on the list, Wab Kinew

Oystein Ra

Whatever happened to Buffy S-M?

Susan H
Jordan Brien

Mic Jordan!!


Native Pride…..Happy for any of my people to make a difference

Jessie Haase

Recorded it, watched it with my kids. The series is something that should be shown in all J.O.M. and Native education programs Nation wide. They should have sit downs and viewing parties. Our young people need to know of the growing resistance amongst their generation. They can be a part of that movement. We need more Native girl’s taking self defense classes, we need more awareness spread concerning teen depression and suicide rates. Our children need to know that they are not alone as they walk in these two worlds. They need to be taught and believe that they can do great things in this life! The whole program was so cool, all of those topics need more mainstream attention on a worldwide level!


13. Bill Miller, who uses his music to help address Native communities in turmoil instead of just being a “star” performer. After reservation tragedies (school shootings, suicide problems, boarding school abuse survivor gatherings, child abuse survivor workshops), Bill is often called in as both a performer and presenter to work with other Natives coping with PTSD. Oh, and he’s volunteered for the “Wounded Warriors” to help law enforcement who have been disabled by occupational violence. The guy could’ve just “gone Nashville” and done the showman thing, but instead he’s forfeited untold income to use his music/life experiences for service instead.

laura campodell'orto

I love your culture,…your music,….your dance,…I hope in our friendship!!! <3 <3 <3

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