Young Ojibwe Artist Draws a Hero – Watch the Trailer for ‘Wabooz’!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 3rd, 2017 Blog

It's so exciting to see a project come to life! Last year we shared a casting call for a new film called Waabooz, about a young Ojibwe boy from Red Cliff, Wisconsin named Rabbit who is obsessed with comic books. The filmmakers wrapped up the project over the summer and put on the finishing touches this past fall with a few screenings at film festivals. Now we get a chance to see the official trailer!

As with most independent films, this movie will first screen at film festivals like the upcoming Green Bay Film Festival and Fargo Film Festival. In fact it's already won an award for Achievement in Animation at the L.A. Skins Fest!

But not to worry if you can't attend any of the festivals as there will be a chance for the general public to watch. In fact on their Facebook page they said “After our festival run we plan on making the video available for purchase! We'll let you know as soon as it is!”

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3 thoughts on “Young Ojibwe Artist Draws a Hero – Watch the Trailer for ‘Wabooz’!

  1. Actually, I am getting tired of your incessant left-wing nonsense poseing as THE WORD for Folks of Tribal Blood.
    Kapernick is no hero, no matter how much unthinking fools want him to be.
    I subscribed for news on my Powwow friends and family.
    Not to be insulted by your arrogance, so adios.

    • WAG, addios & good riddance, Kappernick is a hero putting his career at risk by protesting killings of unarmed black men. What have you sacrificed?

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