Vintage Native American Fully Beaded Vest Black Suede Lazy Stitch Star Pattern – eBay find of the week

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Vintage Native American Fully Beaded Vest Black Suede Lazy Stitch Star Pattern

I don't know a thing about this. I don't know if it's actual Native American.  It looks newer so perhaps it was made for regalia and was done fairly recently.  It's very well made so this isn't something a beginning bead worker did in their spare time.  All I can do is describe this to the best of my abilities and perhaps there is someone out there who knows more than I do merely by looking at the pattern.

The beadwork is very tightly spaced.  It looks like the lazy stitch pattern but not as loosely done as a lot of lazy stitch I've seen. When I look at this closely with a magnifying glass it looks like there is fabric under the beadwork.  Either fabric was applied to the suede and the beadwork done or the beadwork was done separately and then stitched on later.  It feels tightly attached to the suede. 

Beads are pearly white seed beads with other assorted seed bead colors.  Some of the beads are metallic.  There is an area where the white beads must have come from a different lot and are slightly different in color than the other background beads.  Outdoors I don't notice it but do when I was looking at it indoors. It's made of a heavy weight black suede that is sueded on both sides.  Has a tie in the back to cinch it up tighter and a suede tie in the front.

Beads are glass so this is quite heavy and the front is rather stiff. Front is beaded, back is suede. 20 inches underarm to underarm.  From shoulder to bottom of vest is 19 inches.  If I had to guess I would say this is a man's small or a woman's medium.  Measure a fitted jacket of yours underarm to underarm and compare that measurement to see if this will fit you.  Or nice just for display.

I love to combine shipping and save you money, if you're buying multiple items please wait for an invoice, the shipping calculator tends to err on the high side!

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