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Posted By Paul G April 19th, 2018 Blog

AncestryDNA can estimate your origins more than 350 regions around the world. From discovering your ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, Ancestry is the best way to uncover the people, places, and stories in your unique heritage. With Ancestry, your next travel adventure can be more than a destination. It can be a more authentic experience that connects you to the places your ancestors called home.

Have you been considering a DNA test to find out your ethnic makeup?

Take advantage of this special sale!

Normally $99!

Whether you are starting your family history or want to know even more about your family, a DNA test will get you started!

Special Deal for'ers!

7 million people have learned more about themselves.
Are you next?

From discovering their ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, the largest DNA network in the world is helping more people find the singular story in their DNA. Yours is just as unique, revealing traces of your family history—who your ancestors were and where they came from.

Who are your people?

You'll also be connected to living relatives who share parts of your DNA. And since Ancestry has the unique ability to bring together DNA results with 90,000,000 family trees and billions of historical records, we can also help you fill in pieces of your family history.

Nigerian? Sicilian? What are you?

AncestryDNA can estimate your origins to more than 350 regions around the world—
5x more regions than other DNA tests.

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