Seattle Might Be First City to Divest from DAPL

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 9th, 2017 Blog

Fusion media was in downtown Seattle on January 5th to cover the #DeFundDAPL: Day of Action. Many citizens closed their banking accounts but we realize a bigger action must take place. What if the city of Seattle closed their account with Wells Fargo as well?

So what can you do to help out your Seattle allies? Defund DAPL: Seattle Action Coalition has a great post over on their page with information on the key people to speak with.

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One thought on “Seattle Might Be First City to Divest from DAPL

  1. Saundra Burkhatt says:

    As a Native American Indian woman, I oppose any DRILLING and any Destruction of Lands for mere Profit and Greed of the Trump Politics. The pollution that is would bring is not fair, to anyone living in that kind of environment. I don’t think any of the people doing this would like to have to breath the air or worry about the danger of Poison Drinking Water that this would bring as an horrible living condition.

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