How to Save Money on Pow Wow Hotel Rooms

Posted By Paul G August 2nd, 2017 Blog

One of the trickiest parts of planning for your next Pow Wow is finding a hotel room at an affordable price. Here are some things that you should know that will help you to save money on your next Pow Wow hotel room.

VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner. This website allows you to enter your destination and your travel dates in order to search for short term rentals in the area. Sometimes these rentals work out much cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you are traveling with friends. They are often in houses or apartments owned by individuals and sometimes you can end up renting an entire house or apartment for cheaper than a hotel! It’s certainly worth checking out.

VRBO – Vacation Rentals By Owner



TripAdvisor is an incredibly useful website when it comes to reading reviews written by previous guests so that you can choose your hotel wisely and filter out the poor quality ones. However, it can also help you to find cheap deals.

Tripadvisor has a Bargain Travel Forum where users share their tips and advice for booking a cheap getaway. The website also has a hotel price guide which allows you to compare hotel prices in real time so that you can find the cheapest deal. You can even use the option to compare prices with other big travel retailers, such as ebookers and Expedia.

Plus, Tripadvisor also gives you the option to see the top 25 hotels in your destination and compare prices.



Another great option for finding accommodation at your next Pow Wow is to use AirBnB. On this website, you will also be renting a room in a house or even a full house or apartment from the owner. The website can be a goldmine for great deals. Plus, when you stay in a house you will have the advantage of a kitchen, so you will be able to prepare your own meals and save a lot of money compared to eating in restaurants every night.

Since AirBnB listings are all unique (unlike a hotel with hundreds of rooms), you’ll have a better selection if you book your trip as early as possible. On the flip side of this, sometimes taking a look at the last minute will be advantageous because hosts often drop their prices as dates get closer.

More Tips For Saving Money on Hotels

Here are a few more tips you can keep in mind when it comes to saving money on hotels.

  • Consider staying slightly further away from the event location if there are cheaper deals in a different area of town. You may be easily able to get around using the public transport system.
  • If you find that you end up staying in the same hotel for every Pow Wow, consider signing up for their loyalty card and getting discounts and rewards.
  • Another option to consider is camping. Many campgrounds have play areas, pools and showers and are quite comfortable – yet they are a fraction of the price of a hotel. You simply need to bring your tent.
  • Factor in what the hotel price includes. For example, the complimentary breakfast will save you money – but only if you regularly eat breakfast and would spend that money anyway. If you tend to skip breakfast, go for a cheaper price that doesn’t include it.
  • Make sure that you consider the hidden fees and extra costs included in your hotel room price. For example, many hotels charge for parking, which can add a lot onto your bill.
  • Consider signing up for websites such as Groupon, as they often offer cheap hotel deals. If you are lucky, you can spot a great deal at a hotel in the location of your next Pow Wow.
  • If you are making a booking at a hotel, consider calling them up directly and speaking with a hotel employee. Ask them what the best price they can offer is. It never hurts to ask and sometimes you just might be able to get a cheaper rate than what is available online.
  • Another strategy is to shop around. Make a refundable reservation at a hotel somewhere, then if you find a lower price later you can go back to your preferred hotel and ask if it can match the price of the competition. Even if they don’t, they might offer you an upgrade.
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These are just a few great tips for saving money on hotel rooms for your next Pow Wow. If you have any great cheap hotel tips, let us know in the comments below!

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