The Road to Gathering Series: Felicia Lone Bear

Posted By Corinne Oestreich April 29th, 2017 Blog

Felicia has been dancing in the Powwow circuit since she was 4 years old. What started in tiny-tots grew to become a love for dancing Jingle Dress as an adult. Lone Bear came to this year’s Gathering of Nations after a few years of taking

Lone Bear came to this year’s Gathering of Nations after a few years of taking the time to watch from home on the live stream. She and a few friends made the drive out to Albuquerque from Newtown ND to enjoy the weekend together. I walked by Ms. Lone Bear as she worked on putting some finishing touches on her Jingle Dress that her mom made specifically for this powwow, and I just had to find out what brought her to the Gathering of Nations.

Lone Bear says “It’s nice to be back, the weather is kind of crazy today, but I always love this powwow because the atmosphere is so laid back.” Lone Bear is Hidatsa/Mandan and currently resides in Newtown ND.

When I asked Lone Bear how she felt about the new Arena here at the Tingley Coliseum, she said the arena feels more spread out. That there is more room for the dancers to walk around without running into each other, and that she was happy to have more inter-tribals.


Stay tuned for more interviews with people here at the powwow, as I ask about their road to the Gathering of Nations 2017.

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