The Road to Gathering: Raymond Tsoatight

Posted By Corinne Oestreich May 1st, 2017 Blog

Raymond Tsoatight is a Kiowa Nation Southern Style and Gourd Dancer. Tsoatight has been coming to Gathering of Nations since the very beginning.  I was able to interview him as he was preparing to enter the arena for the Gourd Dance.

When Tsoatight isn’t dancing he is busy working for the Indian Health Service, but we are lucky enough to have seen him tonight along with his brothers the Cozad Singers.  Cozad sang alongside Southern Slam for the Gourd Dancing.

When I asked what brings Tsoatight to the dance arena, and what motivated him to dance, he had this to say..

“I’m here to promote the traditional ways of life, of our ancestors. I’ve been coming since the very first Gathering of Nations. The people come from far and near and it’s an annual harmonious gathering with Creator that I look forward to one weekend a year.”


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