Pow Wow TV Contest

Posted By Paul G July 12th, 2012 Blog

In celebration of our new Pow Wow TV we are giving away a Pendleton Blanket!

Enter to win by using the entry form below!  The winner will be selected by a random draw on 9/1/2012.

The more tasks you complete, the more entries you have in the drawing!  The tasks include:

  • Follow Pow Wow TV on Twitter
  • Like Pow Wow TV on Facebook
  • Subscribe to Pow Wow TV newsletter
  • Send a Tweet about this contest (you can do this everyday for more entries)!
  • Like PowWows.com on Facebook
  • Like NativeNewsToday.com on Facebook
  • Follow PowWows.com on Twitter
  • Follow nativeNewsToday.com on Twitter
  • Post feedback about Pow Wow TV (you can do this everyday for more entries)!

Remember to complete all of them for more entries.

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62 thoughts on “Pow Wow TV Contest

    • You can still enter the contest. You just won’t have the maximum entries. Make to send us feedback everyday! That will get you lots of entries.

  1. Ruth Girard says:

    I think that warm snuggly Pendleton would keep me warm many frosty cold nights. I love what you all do for us on Powwow TV.

  2. James Cottier says:

    I am happy that you are putting something like this for us to see on Facebook. I watched a few videos this morning and really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for giving us this!!!

  3. Jessica McCullough says:

    ooh..I would love a new blanket… it would look so nice on my bed. and I would look nice carrying it to the powwows to keep me warm on some cool evenings.

  4. Dawn Standridge says:

    Beautiful blanket! And I look forward to this new Powwow TV! Woo hoo!

  5. Alvina McGilvery says:

    I would love to surround myself with beautiful art work, but love to hear the pow wow and round danc songs.. Hiy Hiy

  6. Donna R. says:

    Thank you for this site. I enjoy all the information,photos and videos. =)

  7. Lorraine Phelan says:

    This is great stuff! I love contests, and especially to win wonderful native prizes!!

  8. Cathy Liebgold says:

    Oh, awesome! I have been looking for a site that has all of this together! I love to listen to PowWow music and this site is just perfect!

  9. Susan says:

    I would love to win this blanket for my friend Sandi, who is Native American.

  10. Angelene Ashawasega says:

    I love this site, appreciate all the info and videos. I am from Canada and hope to make it to one of the BIG pow wows!!!

  11. Barbara Miller says:

    Love this site, I watch all the videos and I love the way you keep everyone informed on what is going on in the native nation

  12. sherry williams says:

    I really enjoy this site, always something interesting happening… keep it rolling! love it. WIN WIN!

  13. 2linesCarrandMorgan says:

    its lovely thank you.home from work summers just getting hotter, still looking at that blanket it looking very nice 🙂

  14. Denise says:

    I’m looking forward to watching Pow Wow Tv. It is a beautiful blanket and it would be a great brithday win as the drawing date is my birthday!

  15. Denise says:

    Great site! Beautiful blanket, would be a great birthday ‘win’ for me, drawing date on my b-day.

  16. Sandra Eagle says:

    I like all of your sites, what it has to offer all of us who like native powwows & listening to the music ect. Thks.

  17. Margeory Graham says:

    this blanket would be great to commemorate Starr’s birthday. he was born this year at 1:50 am, aboriginal day!

  18. Mary L. says:

    Thanks PowWow TV for putting up great content! I love seeing all the video posts when I open FB in the morning 🙂

  19. laura sierra says:

    I love all the sites! many blessings on whoever’ s idea this was

  20. Dona Seymour Smith says:

    If I win this beautiful Pendleton blanket I will then look for someone to snuggle in my blanket with me.:)

  21. Robin Fiercecry Beasley says:

    Thanks for giving me a way to ‘get to’ the Pow Wows I would never be able to afford to get to. I can now see the festivities that are way out of my affordability range. I’m so glad someone finally realized that there is a ‘demand’ for this and you ‘supplied’ it.

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