Pow Wow Moms Application

Posted By Paul G August 8th, 2012 Blog

PowWows.com is looking for a few Pow Wow Moms (and maybe some Dads)!

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Are you always late to Grand Entry because you were helping everyone else get dressed?

Are you the one that packs everyone's outfits?  Organizing the plane tickets and reserving the hotels?

Want to share you knowledge and experience on PowWows.com?  We are looking for you!

The Pow Wow Moms will blog about a variety of subjects each week on PowWows.com.

These topics may include:

  • Answers questions submitted by visitors to PowWows.com
  • Review products, services, books, apps, etc
  • Share deals, specials, or coupons
  • Pow Wow Reports

No blogging experience needed!  Just need enthusiasm and desire to share!

Those selected will be compensated.  Details will be discussed during the interview.

Want to be a Pow Wow Mom?  Apply below!

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5 thoughts on “Pow Wow Moms Application

  1. Eva Pellettieri says:

    Boozhoo , Aniin , Tansi Greetings my Spirit name is White Eagle Woman , I come from the wolf clan my descendants are from Little Saskatchewan in Gypsumville Manitoba , Canada.
    I ‘am an ojibwa woman. My Grandfather in 1900’s was a great Chief and Warrior on our reservation for many years. Until the Residential School. Very happy to greet you People.

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