Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – New Year, New Look

Posted By Paul G January 1st, 2017 Blog

Happy New Year!

We hope that 2017 will be a fantastic year for you and your family.  To get the year started right, we are giving you a chance to win a Pendleton Blanket! is celebrating a New Year and a New Look!

Enter using the form below.  The more options you enter, the more chances you have to win.  Be sure to enter daily!

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87 thoughts on “Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – New Year, New Look

  1. I can make some really cool and creative things with this blanket and I and my fam Key would be blessed beyond all measures.

  2. It would be an honor to have this blanket in my home. I have enjoyed this site and the information on it immensely.

  3. Karen Hardin says:

    ~Osiyo! Really like and enjoy the ease of use to the redesigned website! More opportunities to engage in community are always welcomed! Wa’do!

  4. Tori Calvert says:

    Love my native heritage, clothing, jewelry and spiritual path thru life as it was, as it is and as it will be

  5. Tommy Graven says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful blanket.

    All my relations

  6. David Aragon says:

    It states I can earn 65 more points by completing the entry above!
    Only problem is there is NO entry form to fill out!

  7. Ronald Jenkins says:

    I would love to show this blanket off to others to let them see the fine. Work of our brother and sister native Americans can do, such art should be showen to others instead of just keeping it to ones self. Thank you for my inter.God Bless

  8. Ronald Jenkins says:

    I’d like to have one to show off the fine work that our brother and sister native Americans can do. I love the colors that you all put into the works of art that you do. Everything that I have seen before looks so beautiful, and it should be shower to others and not just keep for oneself.thank you for letting me enter, God Bless

  9. Deborah Currier says:

    Beautiful Pendleton Blanket, it would be an honor to display and use in my home.

  10. Carrie ( rydenbul) says:

    I would love to win this beautiful Pendleton blanket ? Mine was burnt in a house fire ?

  11. Margie Short says:

    I absolutely would be honored to have a beautiful blanket. Thank you and God bless you and all always! ! !

  12. Phyliss Blue Bird says:

    I’d love to win a Pendleton blanket I would use in a giveaway for my mom’s boyfriend. His one year memorial will be in September 2017 and unveiling of tombstone

  13. Sherry S says:

    Love the new look. Much more streamlined. Also, thanks for the chance to win the blanket! Chi miigwetch.

  14. Lita combs says:

    I would absolutely love this blanket for my grandsons bedroom. He has a small one hanging on his wall..

  15. wado love all powwows Beautiful Pendleton Blanket,i love anything to do with all of our native people, and all that they do for all, blessings

  16. Sumayya says:

    I was unable to locate the entry form to win a Pendleton Blanket on your website.

  17. Van de Capelle Stéphane says:

    Until I’m a little boy, I’m of your side of the world, finally the same magic world in our hearts. Keep courage. let the seven worlds coming…Hope so. Regards from France, Human Sisters and Brothers .

  18. Eileen Yeager says:

    I would love for my son, Larry, who was in the Iraq war to have a beautiful Pendleton blanket.


  19. Laurie King says:

    I LOVE Visiting The Pow Wows website, and see what is happening during the Summer and Fall. I LOVE the Designs of the blankets that get put upup, too. They are So BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I Love Seeing the other Pictures of Ladies dresed up, or children dancing; its So Wonderful to See the pictures!!:-)

  20. Nancy Garabrandt says:

    Beautiful blanket, would look really good in my living room Native American theme 🙂

  21. Courtney Allyn Brown says:

    This website is where I get all my info on upcoming PowWow. I love all the articles! Thank you!!

  22. Stephanie Brown says:

    Beautiful design this year and warm colors.his website is where I get all my info on upcoming Pow Wows. I love all the articles! Thank you

  23. Kathryn Peterson-Kristek says:

    Blankets are used for warmth, gifts, shelter, and shrouds…important in our lives, Pendleton makes beautiful blankrts…and the fleece ones are soooo soft! A beautiful give away. Please enter my name! Migwetch!

  24. Raymond Elgin says:

    I can remember that in Jr. HS the fashion was a Pendleton shirt bought one size larger and worn like a light jacket. Now, I don’t know if it’s the same company or not but they were beautiful, and expensive.

    I have to say that the new look is great. I tell people people Powwow s all the time. My students had to write a report on something they learned from PowWow s twice month. It was the easiest assignment because they loved everything about the different cultures and the items available. So thank you for helping me to do a better job.

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