“And Now We Rise” a documentary on Samuel Johns and Forgetmenots

Posted By Corinne Oestreich June 11th, 2018 Blog

Affinity Films has released a trailer for a documentary on Samuel Johns of Alaska, and all the work he has done with his nonprofit Forget Me Nots.

Watch below to see the extremely powerful trailer, and stay tuned for more information on where you can tune it to watch!

From Affinity Films:

Current recipient of a Vision Makers Media Grant. Estimated completion June 1, 2018.

A documentary about the life-changing work of Samuel Johns and the Forget Me Not project which utilizes social media to unite rural Alaskan homeless currently stranded in Anchorage with family members back home- in a message of sobriety, hope and life.

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Corinne Oestreich (Mohawk/Lakota) has been a writer with powwows.com since 2014. She lives in the state of CA, and enjoys attending and photographing many of the Northern CA powwows and events. She owns her own photography business and is also a Fellow with Changemaker Initiative in partnership with Ashoka.

One thought on ““And Now We Rise” a documentary on Samuel Johns and Forgetmenots

  1. Wow! How beautiful this is! It’s about time someone took the initiative and started a project like this. Technology doesn’t have to be a demon. It can be used for such wonderful purposes and can promote healing, love, and unity. I offer the example of what this man has done in order to make this happen.

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