Nebraska Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska
P.O. Box 368 Macy NE 68039
: (402) 837-5391 : (402) 837-5308
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
P.O. Box 687 Winnebago NE 68071
: (402) 878-2272 : (402) 878-2963 Website:
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
P.O. Box 288 Niobrara NE 68760
: (402) 857-3391 : (402) 857-3736 Website:
Santee Sioux Nation
108 Spirit Lake Avenue West Niobrara NE 68760-7219
: (402) 857-2772 : (402) 857-2779 Website:

14 thoughts on “Nebraska Native American Tribes

  1. kenneyfightingeagle says:

    How do I get in touch with a tribal elder to get a BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs card of verification of my Native American heritage/status andhow do I get in touch with my tribal elder?

  2. Larry Hamilton says:

    When will the Omaha tribe be celebrating their 208th (amazing) annual powwow in Macy? thank you

  3. Peggy Maki says:

    My Grandmother was born in Columbus Nebraska. I believe she was of Native American ancestey. Her name was Leouse Kuntzleman born Nov. 6, 1899. She may have been adopted or born to William Kuntzelman with a Native American mother. I can find no records of her heritage and know that it was kept a secret from her family. My Father did tell my Mother that he is Native Aerican but she was to keep it a secret. I want to honor both my Grandmother’s and my Father’s heritage but keep running into dead ends. Can you help me?

  4. Matt Smith says:

    I know my great uncle was born in red cloud Nebraska my mother tells me that her grandfather was full native American. How do I found out more information?

  5. margaret e wainwright says:

    I’ve have interest on land in NE. And I have two siblings that deceased for more than 10 years. How do I go about getting that in my name. And who do I send it to. My brother Tonto was getting funds from Winnebago tribe and Omaha tribe. And my brother was buried in tribal land and I dont know where is his burial was at. I didn’t have any money to go to my brothers funeral. And no one seems to know.Could you please help me. I would like to pass this on to my kids so we can keep in the family. My brothers legal was Eugene Wainwright or Philips

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