Native American on Big Brother

Posted By Paul G June 27th, 2013 Blog

Jeremy McGuire is one of the new house guests on the CBS show Big Brother.

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During the premiere episode last night Jeremy mentioned he was from the Cherokee. He currently works at a boat shop in Texas.

Are you watching Big Brother?

How do you think Jeremy will do?

Jeremy's CBS Bio

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14 thoughts on “Native American on Big Brother

  1. I think he’s an imposter and embarrassment to all real Cherokees….I hope! Also, he sits around and laughs when his racist white friends make jokes, pathetic douche bag!

  2. Nakoma Joyce says:

    They finally put a native on Big brother and they had to pick him??? Another ignorant white person who wants to be native. He’s bringing shame and disgrace to Natives by saying those things.

  3. He isn’t Native …His video before the house he was doing woo woo woo motion with his hand to his mouth…like thats what we do…..he has no native traits… disrespects everyone especially natives…i have been a fan of BB for all 15 seasons and i can’t wait for him to be voted out…he know no cherokee history…i know more cherokee history and i’m Kiowa/Comanche and he is spouting off weird stuff in the BB house and these other people believe him…Sets back the People years against stereotypes

  4. Robert Frost says:

    I am not a native but I know many. Why do I get the feeling Jeremy is not Cherokee? Is there any way for you fine folks to verify if he truly is Cherokee?

    • wendell harris says:


  5. Annette says:

    It doesn’t matter if he’s native or not, his attitude and irresponsibility are 2 things in his personality that rub me the wrong way. He is such a loser. He grates on my nerves. It doesn’t matter if he is cherokee or not, because there are many natives that I don’t get along with. So please Big Brother, you don’t have to play up his native side…his personality is bigger than that.

  6. Skaedancer says:

    I agree ! Finally pick a Native American. BAD example !! Weather he is or isn’t . Most people will not know difference. He’s a JURK !

  7. Jeremy said in his pre-show interview that he is 1/16th Cherokee. That’s not a whole lot of Native ancestry. especially considering how much he plays it up and has appointed himself as a representative of North American Natives in general.

  8. Felicia says:

    1/6 of a claim does not a Cherokee make. Is he an official member on the tribal roll? If he is not a registered member of the tribe, shame on him.
    And if he is, wht a poor representation of a Native American tribe. Game non withstanding , quit invoking the race card you young dummies. Earn your kudos on your own. By your own actions,words and deeds.

  9. Jeremy is such a tool!!! He found out his great great grandfathers cousin was 1/2 Cherokee so now he’s the spokes person for Cherokee nation. What a douche bag!

  10. tru Choctaw says:

    right on the douche bag part, but I’m sick and tired
    of our people (native Americans) tring to tell people
    who they are I am 1/2 mbci (Mississippi band of Choctaw Indians)
    a federal recognized tribe I am also half white. We are a proud people
    Who love every drop of our blood. If this man is 1/16 or 1/256 thats fine with me
    He may not be eligible for tribal membership but maybe his heart he
    100% as big as a dumb ass as he seems he’s very proud took it on
    The chin like a true worrier. Come to thank about it he might be Choctaw
    (just joking) some one should school him that cherokees didn’t live in
    Teepees but if he’s proud of his heritage no matter how minuet so be
    It and if one of his parents told him that he’s not at fault long as he doesn’t claim tribal
    Membership thats fine.

  11. Cara Brown says:

    Everybody’s Cherokee…hehe. I always chuckle when I hear “Cherokee”..thank goodness I don’t have a t.v. I would have had a laugh over BB ( a show I never knew of). I don’t get offended when people claim NA blood…maybe they are maybe they’re not. I’m not God so it is not my place to judge. I think most people who claim to be Native just want to be part of a proud Nation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to belong . I only see the humor in it. Anyway, thanks for the chuckle.

  12. Chad Beckwith Smith says:

    If you were born in the Americas are you not native to the land also. My niece is 35% native but she is not recognized as Cherokee because of her blood line . Blood is not how you determine who is a Cherokee it is heart , it is belief , it is love for being a Cherokee. But you see some people wanted to make the Cherokee nation a money a club and the US and Canadian Government like the idea because in time there will be no Cherokee. The blood line turned into a money line by free money from the goverments and the money line will destroy the Cherokee nation in the end as no one will qualify as a Cherokee at some point in the future and then truly the Cherokee Nation will be dead. Long live the Cherokee Nation!

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