Native American Crow Beaded Women’s Belt – eBay find of the week

Posted By PowWow Articles February 15th, 2017 Blog

Native American Crow Beaded Women's Belt

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Absolutely gorgeous 1 3/4 inches wide hand beaded and tacked Women's leather belt features traditional Crow Indian style design. Belt is 37 inches from end to end, tacked front hanging panel portion is 24 1/2 long. Heavy 1/8 in leather and it was hand beaded with a needle and thread and awl. It uses a special technique where bead hang loose when belt is flat but tightened up upon wrapping belt around waist see photos

Some Bead colors that are used are what we call the old colors greasy yellow, Cheyenne pink, red white hearts, periwinkle blue, cobalt blue, pumpkin Color orange, as well as white and light blue edging. One line missing see photo.

Maker's mark reads S Stewart. Susan Stewart is an Native American artist and a member of the Crow. Tribe who is also a traditional bead worker her work is featured on

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Her 1 3/4 inch earrings sell for $225

Her bolo ties sell for $170 on

This particular belt was made 15 years ago this is a beautiful collectible piece of Native American art that is signed.










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