Maryland Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G August 28th, 2011 Native American Tribes

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9 thoughts on “Maryland Native American Tribes

  1. sandra easton says:

    i am the unknown tribe i am of Piscatway/Occonan which later came together with Nanticoke. last summer we reunioned and this was the evidence we found to be true by standing dna and family trinkets and facial features and of course that great longing to belong for now iam the unknown tribe.if anyone can add to this please contact me

  2. Renee Delaney says:

    Sandra Easton: I’m also of the Piscataway tribe. I am Piscataway Conoy. Hello sister.

  3. Charlene Moore says:

    I am 59 years of age..I know there is Native Blood in my family Mohawk and Nez Perce..My Grand Mother was from Maaaryland and her Name was Marion Pierce I know my name was ——-Two Willows but I don t have any other infor on her as the family died with her

  4. Hester Smith says:

    I have Cherokee Indian in my family . I would love to know more . But who can I talk to locally where I live in Frostburg M.D. ? Can anyone help me Please !!!!!! I want to learn Everything !!!!!!!! Thank You ,

  5. Robert Crying Red Bear says:

    I am a CREE and have been living on a reservation in Arizona for 20 years. Now I am in Maryland and want to meet up with other natives here. Can some one help.

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