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Lumbee Gymnast Ashton Locklear – 2016 United States Olympic Team

Posted By Paul G July 19th, 2016 Blog

Ashton Locklear is the first Native American to be a part of the United States Gymnastics Olympic Team!  After the Olympic Team Trials in San Jose, Locklear was added to the team as an alternate.

PowWows.com recently interviewed Ashton Locklear before she heads to train with team.

How did you get started in gymnastics?
I got started because my older sister, Angelia was taking gymnastics classes and I wanted to follow my big sister.

At a young age, Locklear watched her older sister's gymnastics lessons and began imitating her. She also cited watching the 2000 Olympics on television as an inspiration to begin competing. She began her gymnastics career in trampolining, but later switched to artistic gymnastics. – Wikipedia

ashton locklear native american gymnast6

Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

How has your Native American heritage influence or have any bearing on your training?
I always remember to be respectful of this journey and know that God has a plan for me. I never forget that my family has sacrificed for me to achieve my goals and dreams so I remember to show my parents great love and respect. I honor this path with a lot of prayer and appreciation for the opportunity.

ashton locklear native american gymnast6

Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

Do you have any good luck charms or routines you have to do before each meet?
I keep a dreamcatcher that a member of my tribe gave me and the Lumbee tribal seal pin on my gym bag.

ashton locklear native american gymnast6

Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

Ashton has been active at Pow Wows too!  She participated in the Lumbee Dance of the Spring Moon.

ashton locklear native american gymnast6

Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

How does it feel and mean to be 1 of 2 Native Americans representing the US in the 2016 Olympics?
It's overwhelming and seems so unreal at times. But I feel a great sense of pride and I am honored to represent native people.

ashton locklear native american gymnast6

Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

Has the Lumbee tribe been involved with your gymnastics career?
They have been so supportive and encouraging and helping my family with fundraising to get them to the games. My publicist Jackie Jacobs is a member of the Lumbee Tribe.


Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

Photo Courtesy of Jody Meacham

We are excited to watch the team compete! Good luck Ashton!

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6 thoughts on “Lumbee Gymnast Ashton Locklear – 2016 United States Olympic Team

  1. Correction Needed says:

    Lumbees are NOT Native American. The Lumbee Tribe is a made up name and they are NOT American Indians.

    • Victoria Pevia Febus says:

      Lumbee Tribe! Proud to be Native American! And yes we are a tribe! Please study to show yourself approved.

    • J. Lee woods says:

      I am a descendant of John B. Hammond. He was not only of the Lumbee Tribe, he was also a descendant of the original 117 setters of Sir Walter Riley’s Lost Colony of Roanoke. All Native Americans east of the Mississippi River were once considered of Cherokee origin.
      Please do a little research before you spread untruths.

      • Susan Spencer says:

        J. Lee Woods, It is Sir Walter RALEIGH. Please do a little research on your family tree.

  2. Gladys says:

    Ashton is a member of our state recognized Tribe we have applied for Federal Recognition in the early 1900 our history is recorded

  3. Enoch Lockemer says:

    “Our whole family has always been involved in her gymnastics to some degree,” Carrie said. “And come vacation time, our vacations have always been traveling to her meets. In order for her to train, we live separately from her Dad during the week and travel home on weekends to see him, if she’s not competing. We stay with a family for free during the week in exchange for me transporting their daughter to Ashton’s gym, where she also trains. Despite the intense travel, training and competition schedule, the Lumbee Tribe is never far from Locklear’s heart and mind.

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