Listen to Tom Petty’s ‘Wildflowers’ Sung in Cree Language!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown October 6th, 2017 Blog

This week rock fans across the world mourned the sudden loss of Tom Petty, who had just wrapped up an extensive summer tour across the U.S. Radio stations everywhere paid tribute to the late singer by playing songs from his extensive catalog. But have you ever heard Tom Petty's song in an Indigenous language?

CBC News recently spoke with Art Napoleon, singer from the Saulteau First Nation, who covered one of Tom Petty's songs back in 2011 on the album Creeland Covers.

“I think he wrote a wide variety of styles and hit on a lot of subject areas. I think he just moved a lot of people including myself,” he said.

“He had a unique voice, I wouldn't exactly call his voice mainstream sound, but yet he found a mainstream audience. And Ii think it had a real rock and roll spirit to it – There was a folk sentimentality too.”

Check out Art Napoleon's cover of “Wildflowers” below and let us know if he did the song justice:

Dang for a second I thought it was Tom, just in a lower voice. Good job Art!

To hear more of his work check out

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