Lil Mike and Funny Bone – Native American Brothers on America’s Got Talent

Posted By Paul G July 15th, 2013 Blog

Lil Mike and Funny Bone have recently appeared on America's Got Talent.  The brother rappers from Oklahoma City surprised the panel and earned a trip to Las Vegas.  From the Pawnee and Choctaw tribes, the two have been rapping for several years.

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According to the 2009 documentary about the two, they grew up in a broken and abusive home.  “I ran with the wrong crowd,” Mike (real name: Jesus) admits.  ”A lot of time in the streets.  Getting in fights because that is all I knew.  I saw my dad and mom fighting and I was getting beat down, so that is what I was doin’ in school.  Fightin’ all the time.  The elementary schools be kickin me out and stuff.”

Keep watching America's Got Talent to see how far the two can make it!

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8 thoughts on “Lil Mike and Funny Bone – Native American Brothers on America’s Got Talent

  1. I enjoy your video and music ,how would a person get in touch with you all to perform a benefits to help someone out …

  2. Matthew Frasca says:

    I praise Yeshua for you 2 , my church in Seattle needs to hear and see you . Matthew Frasca 11400 NE 132nd St T-206 Kirkland , Wa 98034 206-293-4076 cell

  3. I saw you first on AGT, and then when I saw you guys in the parade today in Tahlequah I had to look you up to show my husband. You guys made me smile then and today when I watched your documentary I am amazed at what GOD has done in and through you! Keep pressing on and fighting the fight! I Love stories like mine( I was once an addict and in prison) BUT GOD turned these ashes into beauty! I will be praying for you guys to make a difference! One Love

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