Kirsten Mandes Crowchild – Dancer Profile

Posted By Charlie Ballard March 28th, 2017 Blog

Randomness is a good thing.  I was sitting on the sidelines at this year's Denver March Powwow 2017 wondering where my next story was going to come from and thats when Kirsten Mandes Crowchild (Tsuu T'ina & Cree) randomly appeared.

As a blogger for, I like to keep all of my options open. Sometimes my research will lead me on a specific mission and other times, the Universe aligns itself just right and you know have the right person standing right in front of you, literally, as with Kirsten.

As the powwow dance specials were coming to a close, the #DMPW emcee Lawrence Baker called all the Women's Traditional dance contestants back into come into the dance arena and that's when Kirsten appeared, before she headed out to the dance arena, she politely asked me to hold some of her dance regalia so she could make a quick outfit adjustment.  Kirsten's personality and aura immediately drew me in and as her video interview turned out, the universe was right.


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