Johnny Depp made honorary member of Comanche Nation

Posted By Paul G May 23rd, 2012 Blog

For his role in the upcoming film, The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp has been made an honorary member of the Comanche Tribe.  Depp will play Tonto in the film.

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On May 16, 2012 the Comanche Nation tribal chairman presented Depp with a proclamation in Albuquerque on the set of the film.

The Comanche Nation is based in Lawton, Okla. About half of its 15,000 members live in southwestern Oklahoma.

The photos of Johnny Depp as Tonto has stirred controversy in Indian Country.

From the Associated Press:

Comanche Nation tribal member LaDonna Harris said Tuesday that the tribal chairman presented Depp with a proclamation at her Albuquerque home May 16. She said the Comanche adoption tradition means she now considers Depp her son.

Harris said Depp seemed humbled.

His spokeswoman, Jayne Ngo, confirmed the actor participated in a ceremony, but she declined to provide details.

Harris said she had read in interviews that Depp identified himself as being part Native American, so she thought it would be fun to adopt him—a tradition she says is common in Comanche culture. She ran the idea past her adult children, and they agreed.

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12 thoughts on “Johnny Depp made honorary member of Comanche Nation

  1. Susan Solomon says:

    well, its adoption and he said he part Native American, plus the adult children approved!

  2. Elkey says:

    Another white man playing an NdN and getting his butt kissed, WHY?
    Hollywood sucks.

  3. Tabbetha Wright says:

    Awesome Auntie Ladonna! Maybe this will be the catalyst for Mr. Depp to dig in and embrace his own tribal traditions and heritage. Plus, does this make him my cousin now? LOL!

  4. Jessica Harrison says:

    I absolutely agree! He is an absolute asset to humanity! I am a full blood Native and also know other things he’s done that other ‘actors’ wouldn’t bring themselves ‘down’ to do. As a native person myself, he makes me proud.

  5. ron holwell says:

    all the native actors are amazing in the roles they play graham greene adam beach and many more

  6. shirrlene jansen says:

    I don’t care what part he plays in any movie just so he is in it. Maybe he is like me and doesn’t know the per centage of Indian Blood in him. BUT HE IS STILL GREAT>!!!!

  7. Elizabeth Beeney Freville says:

    I adore Johnny Depp! I had no idea that he was NA though! My husband, daughter and grandchildren have NA blood in them, but I do not. (Commanche and Cherokee, though we don’t know how much percentage wise.) GO JOHNNY!!! <3

  8. isabel says:

    who care what percentage is what!!! as long as he has a kind heart and donates money to orphanages and poor who cares if he is indian or not!!! we should all appreciate it!!!

  9. Jae Jae42 says:

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