Duck Dynasty on the Drum

Posted By Paul G February 17th, 2014 Blog

You never know who you'll see at a Pow Wow!

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Watch the video below to see Goodwin and Si from Duck Dynasty join in on an intertribal!

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27 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty on the Drum

  1. Kali Seney says:

    Why would you welcome a known bigot who spews hate to your sacred ceremonies???? smh, it’s sad when people care more about “celebrity” than about what people stand for and who they are. That man has helped oppress millions of innocents.

    • Chet McVay says:

      How can we change peoples minds by shunning them like the Invaders did to us? Are you going to lower yourself and our people to their standards? How does that make us any better than them.

      My dad said “You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.” We need to show those with poor ideas of who we are by showing them friendship and acceptance even if they do not do the same to us. Hopefully they learned something by being treated as guests and allowed to experience our traditions.


  2. sorry it did go up and I cannot figure out how to delete one of them, please feel free to do so….

  3. Here it goes again…people have the right to their own religion and they still have freedom of speech. Otherwise dumb comments would never get shown. If someone doesn’t like what another person is saying, turn it off, or walk away, don’t just sit there on your high horse and judge. Also, if a person is really worried about oppression, wouldn’t they be doing more to stop it, instead of just watching Duck Dynasty. Oh and Powwows are open to everyone, they don’t judge. I think it’s nice that Si and Godwin went to the Powwow. I bet they had a lot of fun, I know me and my Son do every year.

  4. Gillian says:

    @Kali — I didn’t know about the Duck Dynasty thing until I read your comment and I looked it up. In all fairness, Si and Godwin are not mentioned as having said anything racist — it was Phil Robertson in GQ and then his son Willie defending him afterwards in a half-assed lame sort of way with “I believe what the bible says” (I will keep my thoughts on that to myself). I have never seen that show and have no idea who’s who, but I don’t believe in guilt by association. *Suspicion* of associates, maybe 😉 , but not outright condensation, because I have had friends and found some of their beliefs conflicting with mine, but admired them for other reasons that made me tolerate our differences. I do get you — racism and homophobia are the things that turn my stomach and raise my anger the most, and I admire your taking a stand for freedom and equality. I just don’t know if these guys necessarily did anything racist or homophobic as individuals, and it would be a shame if they were judged by the actions of their coworkers and not on their own merit and attitudes. Peace.

    • Prairie Fire says:

      I’d smudge that drum and put it up for a year! as tradition would call…. and I would apologise to the DRUM itself for allowing such disrespect!…them drummers bestter quit for a year!…

  5. Gillian says:

    And in that comment above, I meant CONDEMNATION, not CONDENSATION! DYAC!!!! Lol 😀

  6. mathew scofield says:

    Wow, its a shame. We should worry more about how to free our own people’s from the oppression of big government . All of our elders and children who are without and are victims. Standing together as a people for our future . Instead of nit picking over who was seen at a pow wow. The pow wow was an invention to entertain the dumb white soldiers their families and the settlers. This is not a Sun dance its just a pow wow. Focus on what’s really important in this life.

  7. Paul M Kotch says:

    What better way to fight racism that to introduce another to the beauty of your culture? Trying to force people away from their racist beliefs with laws and regulation will never work. You wont change hearts and minds with laws. Regardless of how these men may have felt previously, I bet they walked away with a newfound respect and appreciation for Native culture. That is the mark of humanity.

  8. Pueblo Man says:

    As a Native, War Veteran I believe i have grounds to say the following:

    We as a people always welcome others into our circle, even while being ridiculed and oppressed. How can one no learn one’s own wrong doing if they are not exposed to the truth. We are a forgiving and caring people and PROUD. Why is it is Always a non-indian who wants try and stand up and speak for all of us as if they know our minds and hearts. We have a voice one that is loud and proud, we just don’t trust those who do not wish to enter our realm. Our hearts are pure and proud, though we may not be perfect we do stand out amongst the majority, still silent and proud. So if any of you think you are pure of heart and wish to learn and celebrate come join any circle and you will be well received “Friend”.

    • jonelle (lil cotton feather) bray says:

      THANK YOU!! for what you said I am only half native but my heart is full we love everybody no matter their views on life and beliefs our creator is a loving creator and that is the way of our ppl. loving caring and excepting of others . who are we to judge what is truly in the heart.

  9. Denver Risley says:

    Maybe these Duck guys are just there to be seen doing what lots of Anglos do; claiming native culture as their own.
    The natives are not going to learn how to behave from such people so they let the Duck guys drum a little because it’s the welcoming thing to do.

  10. Brian Self says:

    Ive read some of the comments on here. I just wanted to say that there may have been comments the man had made in the past, but if he was such a bigot or whatever, he would not have been on that drum. From the video he seamed to have really gotten into the song. I seen a man jamming away with the rest of them. Remember “A man” human being. This is what we all forget to look at. In all races, even us as the N8v. Put away all anger or our healing will still yet be delayed!

  11. It’s the Seminole Tribe of Floida’s event. What do you expect? I hate to say it, but they sell out the rest of Indian Country with their continued support of FSU’s racist mascot. If you know members of the tribe and their leadership, you wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not.

  12. Wow, I just read some of these comments and I’m astonished at the hate they themselves hurl at others who they don’t agree with. These same people who claim tolerance sure don’t seem to show it to others. But I don’t see the whole story here of the Duck Dynasty episode. He quoted the Bible about a few things. They were then taken off (what happened to free speech here)because others didn’t agree with them, then when there was an out cry of the supporters of the program it was put back on…democracy in action for both parties. The latest was the gay community then said they would like to open a discussion with the Duck Dynasty group. Now, THAT is how things should be not hurling accusations (or name calling!!!) against others but talking and sometimes agreeing to disagree. He also said (was/is anyone listening?) that just because he disagrees with people does not mean he HATES them!!

  13. Michael says:

    The Pow wow was not an invention to entertain the white soldiers…it was a gatherin of our peoples to share stories and dances and connect with family and friends from different tribes. With all the competitions happening now is a travesty to the original gathering…if our people wanted to compete with each was done, no money exchanged..just for braggin rights. The drum has the right to invite who ever it wishes into the circle…As a Christian American Indian mixed blood i don’t see what the problem is? Since when are homosexuals a race? how is it racist? prove the science that a “gay” gene exists and i will believe you…are some people born with more x or y chromosomes than normal? sure..but they are excess genes not a “gay” gene. Shouldn’t we all get along and walk the path Creator God has for us and lift people up instead of tearing them down…reservations have enough to deal with than worry about a Christian man welcomed at the drum…geez. :/

  14. Kali evidently you fell and hit your head
    There is not one bit of hate in the Robertson family they show only love of god and mankind . I hope you get your heart right before you end up in hell

    • Judith, it isn’t clear why you made the comment, you did? You attributed it as a reply to Kali. I think you meant the reply to be directed towards Red Prairie Fire. Which, name is by itself worthy of criticism.

  15. Morriane RavenWolf says:

    Well, it has been said that the Drum is also used for healing. I hope that the experience helps them and that it heals the gashes of separation.

  16. RedBone BigSmoke says:

    Amen!! Love the Robertson family!! As a Rez raised native whos also a born again Christian, awsome to see!! Keep on keepin on #Hutcha

  17. These are times that try men’s souls. All parties, Republican, Democrat, Police, Christian, Muslim, Jew, all races, creeds, national origin’s, immigrants, need to stop bickering and arguing over the small stuff. While everyone can see The Drum is a sacred instrument of whichever people use it in their ceremonies… we need to follow the direction which this leads. Is it toward reconciliation or away? These are the issues of the Day, not non sense, not even who’s right or wrong. Or whose been right or wronged, but doing and saying conciliatory things that show a persons magnanimity.

  18. Love the Robertson family!! As a Rez raised native whos also a born again Christian, awsome we are suppose to respect honor and live in unity, with others when you have something bad to say about others we are suppose to keep all things to our sleves, and welcome, other with kindness and respect, as we would want them to do for us, i am cherokee, was laways taught to live in unity respect and harmony,

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