What Drives Trump – Marty Two Bulls

Posted By Paul G August 12th, 2018 Blog

What Drives Trump – Marty Two Bulls


The views expressed in the editorial cartoon are not necessarily that of PowWows.com.
PowWows.com publishes these editorial cartoons weekly to highlight issues in Indian Country.  We hope these cartoons will help start conversations about these issues.

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6 thoughts on “What Drives Trump – Marty Two Bulls

  1. Remove me from list. This is third time I’ve requested this. I don’t appreciate the Marty whoever’s cartoon. It appears he’s not are of the truth.

  2. Marty,
    In 2 years, Not only has Trump created more jobs for blacks and Indians than any other leader in American history (including the “great messiah” Obama who couldn’t even come close…and he had 8 years), trump approval rated is now a record 50% (Obama was around 38% at the same time) and support almost black people has DOUBLED…..

    Not bad for “a Klansman”…

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