Defend The Sacred – New Documentary Produced by Adam Beach & Kyle Bell

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown December 29th, 2016 Blog

A lot of people have been drawn to Standing Rock, including many talented filmmakers and photographers. Director Kyle Bell recently teamed up with Adam Beach to produce this short documentary about the movement and their time there.

Capturing the heart of a movement that is constantly evolving is difficult. How do you capture Spirit?

“Defend The Sacred” is a short documentary that attempts to capture the spirit of Indigenous people at Standing Rock.

Defend The Sacred: Documentary from Kyle Bell on Vimeo.

Directed: Kyle Bell
Produced: Adam Beach & Kyle Bell
Executive Producers: Summer Tiger & The NTVS
Cinematography // Edited: Kyle Bell

Kyle Bell behind the lens with Adam Beach

Well done everyone!

To catch more of Kyle Bell's work, please visit his Vimeo page-

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hi I’m trying to get hold of adam beach to see if he would be a speaker in Toronto for Standing Rock. I’m trying to get event together, looking for ppl tohhelp me. Me if u cwould hel.p. me be appreciated . [email protected] thank u

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