Deb Haaland (Pueblo) on track to be first Native Woman in Congress!

Posted By Corinne Oestreich June 7th, 2018 Blog

Deb Haaland, a member of the Pueblo of Laguna tribe, won the Democratic primary to become the first-ever Native American woman in Congress. She is running in the state of New Mexico and released a statement today after the numbers came in.

“Thank you to the tens of thousands of volunteers, grass-roots donors and supporters who won this election,” Haaland said after results revealed she had outpolled former U.S. attorney Damon Martinez and social justice activist Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. “Our win is a victory for working people, a victory for women and a victory for everyone who has been sidelined by the billionaire class.”

Congratulations to Deb Haaland and all of her team and support.

Check out the article in USA Today

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One thought on “Deb Haaland (Pueblo) on track to be first Native Woman in Congress!

  1. That is AWESOME!! Congrats. A lot of work ahead. Stay strong and keep your head up. You have made my list of people who are in the front lines. Stay grounded. Oh my gosh!!!

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