Changing Woman Initiative Brings Traditional Knowledge Back To Mothers

Posted By Corinne Oestreich July 25th, 2018 Blog

Nicole Gonzales is a Diné midwife who is also the founder of Changing Woman Initiative. Her work is empowering indigenous mothers across the US and Canada, as well as meeting with Indigenous midwives to talk about the importance of sovereignty in women's care. Click the link below to learn more about her Foundation!

“Changing Woman Inititative's missions is to renew cultural birth knowledge to empower and reclaim Indigenous sovereignty of women's medicine through women's stories and life ways.”

Changing Woman Initiative: Birthing A Dream

Many of the challenges American Indian women face around access to reproductive health care are a result of a healthcare rationing, multiple stakeholders, price discrimination, and government mandated policies around reproductive options offered at government funded healthcare facilities, like Indian Health Services. We know social determinates of health impact where and how American Indian women receive health care. Unfortunately, American Indian women’s collective voices and lived experiences are missing from the National Healthcare crises conversation. Seeing how American Indian women were constantly left out of important conversations around their reproductive health was what lead to the formation of Changing Woman Initiative. The native women’s-led organization’s mission is to renew cultural birth knowledge to empower and reclaim indigenous sovereignty of women’s medicine and life way teachings to promote reproductive wellness and healing through holistic approaches.Please continue to share and donate to our fundraising campaign.

Posted by Changing Woman Initiative on Friday, July 13, 2018 

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