Making Regalia: Ladies Bag

On this episode of Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge, he gives us step by step instructions on how to make a simple, decorative carry bag. Juaquin wanted to do a show for some of the beginners out there so he shows us some basic sewing tips in this one. Making Regalia - Season 2 - Episode 8 from CATV47 on Vimeo. Juaquin gives step by step instructions on how to make a simple, decorative ...

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Making Regalia – Bustle Backboards

On this episode of Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge, with special guest Willow Abrahamson, they show us how to construct a bustle backboard. Making Regalia - Episode 7 Season 2 from CATV47 on Vimeo. As you know, these episodes are brought to you by Cheyenne and Arapaho Television- CATV47. They don't have the big budgets like the major networks do so if you love these shows, why not throw a little change their ...

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No More Spilled Beads! All Beaders Need To Order This Now!

If you've done any beading you've had it happen! Spilled beads! All those beautiful colors now in one big pile on the floor! I've tried keeping them in the containers while beading, Tried dozens of different containers, but it still happens.  They always end up on the floor. Now here's the solution! YouTube user PowWow Bling posted a review of the Beadsmith Sticky Bead Mat. See ...


The Native Drum – Making a Handle for a Small Drum

Have you guys been keeping up with the awesome tutorials on Cheyenne and Arapaho Television (CATV47)? Last year we told you about a new show called The Native Drum with host Shawn Littlebear (Southern Cheyenne). Littlebear is a traditional drum maker who shares with us his various drum making tips and techniques. In Episode 4 of The Native Drum, Littlebear makes a handle for a small hand drum. Don't forget to visit on any ...


Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Tutorials

Sarah Agaton Howes is the latest designer to participate in Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives Project. Sarah is an Anishinaabe artist, teacher, and emerging community organizer from Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota. Back in 2013 she created a set of tutorial videos to make Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasins. Check them out and see if you're also an inspired native! Step 1: Purchasing and Preparing Supplies Step 2: Makizin Pattern and Cut out...

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Making Regalia – Straight Dress Making

On this episode of Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge, he has special guest Terra Houska. Terra introduces viewers to the fundamentals of straight dress making. The follow-up episode will show Juaquin and Terra constructing all the pieces in sequence. Stay tuned for that one! Making Regalia - Show 5 of Season 2 - Straight Dress Making from CATV47 on Vimeo. If you guys find this information helpful and valuable, make sure you show ...


Making Regalia – Constructing a Bustle

Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge is back and this time he is tackling the bustle! Check out these two new episodes to help you with your regalia. Episode 3 - Season 2 On this episode, Juaquin lays out the necessary elements for the construction of a small traditional bustle. Making Regalia - Episode 3 of Season 2 from CATV47 on Vimeo. Episode 4 - Season 2 Juaquin Lonelodge and special guest, Dwight Whitebuffalo discuss and assemble ...


Making Regalia: Dance Bells

Episode 2 of the second season of Making Regalia is out now! In this episode we have guest artist Redsky Whapeppah, demonstrating bell application for men's straight dance regalia as host Juaquin Lonelodge describes the history and significance of bells. Making Regalia - Episode 2 of Season 2 from CATV47 on Vimeo. Make sure you follow Making Regalia on Facebook. They appreciate the feedback and ...

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Living Traditionally: Chickasaw Bead Artist Courtney Parchcorn

In this video from Chickasaw.TV, Courtney Parchcorn explains how her artwork helps her get in touch with her history, and how that understanding of where she came from helps her to succeed in the modern world. This piece is especially meaningful to Parchcorn, "For All the Grandfathers"— which features an eagle motif symbolizing her own grandfather.

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Making Regalia – How to Construct Leather Belts – Craft Tutorial

Host Juaquin Lonelodge is back for Season 2 of Making Regalia. In the first episode he shows us how to construct leather belts, which he says an absolute regalia necessity. Making Regalia - Season 2 - Episode 1 from CATV47 on Vimeo. You can catch Making Regalia on the FNX Network or Check your local listings for times.



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Feather Hair Clip

How to Make a Feather Hair Clip – Craft Tutorial

This project uses the new popular hair clip as the way to fasten feathers in your hair. Small domesticated bird feathers can be used for the feathers. These are from …


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