Natives Rising with Ravenspeaker!

  Ravenspeaker is a powerful force behind Northwest Indian News and Natives Rising! --- Dr Dawn Karima, PhD, Native American Culture Editor Ravenspeaker is the stage name for Robert Frederiksen an Alaskan Tsimshian storyteller of the Raven Clan. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and has traveled all over North America as a recognized Culture Bearer for the ...

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The Skin She’s In: Native Tattoo Model and Magazine Editor Elizabeth Rivera!

Vibrant Native Model Elizabeth Rivera! Interview by Dr Dawn Karima, PhD, Native Culture Editor Native Stunner! Fans of Tattoos know her. Social Media Followers know her. Native Magazine Readers know her. Now, Elizabeth Rivera will be known to Readers for her talent, beauty and Native Pride! Q) You’re such a popular social media personality! ...


What does “Vision of Loveliness” Mean to Jessa Calderon?

Jessa Calderon, Fancy Shawl Dancer! Fancy Shawl Dancer Jessa Calderon celebrates her Native heritage at Powwows. This Tongva/Chumash/Mexica entertainer is also a talented singer/songwriter/rapper. She shares her love of music, traditional culture and the latest on her new CD with! Jessa Calderon is excited about ...

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Beauty Way: A Visit with Ms Indian ASU 2014-2015

True Native Beauties: Ms Indian ASU and First Attendant, 2014!!! Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima,PhD, Native American Culture Editor Ms. Indian ASU inspires the our Beautiful Native Future! True Native Beauty stands out amidst the controversies of mascots, headdresses and cultural stereotypes. ...

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Apache Angel: Native Tattoo Model Maya Vildosola!

Stunning Maya Vildosola is one of the most popular personalities on social media all over the world.  Currently, she resides in Northern California, where she works and also does freelance modeling. She was recently featured in NINK magazine which is the first ever all-Native tattoo magazine.  She has also written articles for Native Entertainment Magazine and done promotional work for Strength N Pride Apparel Company. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with  family and attending art and music ...



Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards Best New Artist Leonard Sumner! Best New Artist! Leonard Sumner stuns audiences everywhere he performs, yet at this year's Aboriginal People's Choice Awards, this Anishinaabe artist found himself surprised with a coveted award. Leonard Sumner shares his path to victory with! ...

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Falling Apart, Falling Together: A review of Hattie Kauffman’s Memoir, FALLING INTO PLACE

Domestic Violence. Poverty. Addiction. These issues are some of the hardest hitting headlines in today's breaking news.  For News Anchor Hattie Kauffman, these  problems weren't just the stories she covered during her adventurous journalism career, they were also the driving forces that challenged her personal life.  As the first Native American Journalist to appear on a national network evening news broadcast, this stunning Nez Perce reporter showed excellence and intelligence to her television audience. Her coverage of Presidents, Olympic Athletes, Astronauts ...

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Miles of Smiles:Hoop Dancing and the Circle of Life

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Q) It's great to visit with you!!! What are some of the facts you'd like us to know about you? A)I am in Berlin, first off! I am just about to hit the stage here and it's nice and sunny. I've had such a wonderful time hoop dancing and playing some flute songs for the people here in Berlin. I absolutely positively love to dance and perform across the world and I feel ...

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Native Siouxperman Reveals His SuperPower in “What It’s Gon’ Be?”

"If the sky is the limit, we exceed limitations," Native Siouxperman raps in his recent music video.  "What It's Gon Be".  This compelling video features the driving beats and rhythmic rap of this popular Producer and Hip Hop Artist from the Ft. Peck Sioux and Assiniboine Tribes of Poplar, Montana.  "Got 'em like, 'hold up wait' is it really a Native? I'm like yeah, I'm so Siouxpa, so ill and creative," Native Siouxperman flows as he confronts stereotypes and confounds ...

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Rosebud Rocks! A visit with Jim Robertson!

Rosebud Rocks! Jim Robertson sure does! The Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist shows his stunning talent in the band Secondhand Socialites.  As the bassist and backing vocalist for Lost In Irrelevance, Jim Robertson rocks as part of a melodic death metal band.  Two bands, one man, who shares his perspective with us at! Secondhand Socialites and Lost In Irrelevance... both bands feature Jim Robertson's ...

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Straight Dancing

Straight Dancing

The Straight Dance from Oklahoma Native American Tribes is a formal, tailored, prestigious form of southern dance clothes.   The overall effect is of reassuring solidity, with everything closely matched and …



Making Regalia – How to Construct Leather Belts – Craft Tutorial

Host Juaquin Lonelodge is back for Season 2 of Making Regalia. In the first episode he shows us how to construct leather belts, which he says an absolute regalia necessity. …


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