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In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has special deals for our loyal followers! Midnite Expres 3 CD Bundle - $20 - Now $15 Chris Roberts Pow Wow Calendar - $14.95 - Now  $11 Chris Roberts Pow Wow Youth Calendar - $14.95 - Now  $10 North Bear CD - Feelings and Emotions - $9.99 - Now $6.99 Nakoa Heavy Runner - Round Dance CD - $9.99 - Now $4.99 Little Thunder CD - First Strike - $9.99 ...

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Midnite Express – 3 CD Bundle

Download a 3 CD bundle of Midnite Express songs! Band of Brothers, Chasing the Sun, and Remembering Our Brothers Band of Brothers Tracks Intertribal Contest Intertribal Intertribal Grass Dance Intertribal Contest Traditional Intertribal Contest Intertribal Intertribal Intertribal Intertribal Chasing the Sun The Indian Giver Grass Dance Ambrose Day-Bedeau's Song The Long Lead Crow Style Double Beat Tom Charging Eagle's Song Contest Song Contest Song Cree Style Round Dance Ojibwe Style Side-Step Tanner Alber's Song Intertribal Remembering Our Brothers Randy's Song Straight JD's Song Straight Straight Straight Straight Straight Straight Straight Straight Classic JD Listen to Sample...


Little Thunder – First Strike

Little Thunder - First Strike Tracks Warrior Song Lamere Family Song Rice Family Song Straight Song Heruska Song Warrior Song Intertribal Song Women's Scrub Song Douglas Greengrass Song Intertribal Song Straight Song Warrior Song Love Song Listen to Sample   On Sale - $9.99Little Thunder is featured on Pow Wow Radio. **Purchases are for a ...

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Nakoa Heavy Runner-“Round Dance Time”

Nakoa HeavyRunner's much anticipated re-release of his highly regarded CD Round Dance Time. **Purchases are for a download of the music in mp3 format.  This is not a physical CD. On Sale - $9.99 Listen to Sample Nakoa Heavy Runner is featured on Pow Wow Radio....


North Bear – Feelings and Emotions

Recorded by Eagle Calf Records and distributed by PowwowJamz, the harmonized vocals and thrilling lyrics are on display and evident throughout their CD “Feelings & Emotions”. The North Bear drum group comes from the Arapaho Nation on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. North Bear left “Indian Country” in awe when they sang their harmonized version of the round dance song, “Daddy’s Girl”, in front of tens of thousands of spectators at this year’s Gathering of Nations Powwow ...


2012 Gathering of Nations CD

This compilation recording of Native American music, recorded live at the 2012 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is intended to provide the listener with the complete experience from this great event. Hear and feel the thunder of the drums and the harmonious singing accompanied, while experiencing the excitement, emotion spirit, and pageantry of North America’s biggest pow wow! ...



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