American Dakota Rug Raffle

American Dakota is a small rug manufacturer based in Georgia that specializes in designs that would look perfect in a rustic mountain cabin, lodge or maybe even your home! View more of their incredible rugs. American Dakota rugs are also known for their nod to Native American designs, working closely with Native artists to get the details just right. Mark Ford is not Native himself, so we asked how did he ...


10 Powwow People You Need to Follow on Instagram

Let me just be the first to say it - I am addicted to Instagram. It's a unique social media platform where you can share a single photo at once, (sometimes continuously), connect with others and track some very unique hashtags... #ifyouwannajudgethengosmudge, anyone? Here's a list of people I've followed for awhile and whom I've noticed are respected and positive influences for their communities, families and the powwow world. It was definitely a process narrowing this list down, but I chose ...

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Summer Must See’s and Do’s in the Black Hills and Rapid City Area

Growing up in South Dakota and frequenting Rapid City, as it's the largest and closet city to the Pine Ridge, we're no strangers to tourists on and off the reservation. We love taking an all day ride through the Black Hills, "the Hills" as locals call them, just as much as the next person. There's scenic highways, lakes and rivers to swim in, events and culture to witness, as well as the many hiking and climbing trails. I asked my friends ...

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2015-2016 Princess Contest

The Princess is expected to be an ambassador for the site online and offline. Applications will be accepted until June 15, 2015 and the winner will be announced by June 30, 2015. The following items must be submitted to the Princess Youth Ambassador Committee: Princess Youth Ambassador Application Current Photograph (in regalia) Photocopy of Tribal ID or Status card if available Proof of Age (i.e. Photocopy of Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, etc.) A Letter of Recommendation with Letter of Recommendation Form Personal Essay Princess ...


Pow Wow Life

Celebrate the culture and lifestyle of Pow Wows with our new “Pow Wow Life” sticker! We are excited to show you our two newest stickers!  These stickers will show everyone that you are part of the Pow Wow Life. You live the Pow Wow Life so rock these new stickers and let the world see where your passion lies. Shop Now! ...

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Driving In Style At Gathering of Nations

Recently Advantage Rental Cars became the Official Rental Car of For the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow Advantage provided me with discounted rental for the weekend--and they upgraded the car for me!  I was able to drive a Chrysler 300 - nice, very nice!   After ...

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Gathering of Nations Webcast Seen Around The World

This past weekend streamed the 2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow live.  Visitors watch the dancing and singing live from Albuquerque, New Mexico April 24-25, 2015. During the weekend more visitors tuned in for this one webcast than all of our webcasts in 2014! Webcast Statistics 161 Countries 171,483 Visitors 2,440,290 Minute Viewed 51% of Visits From Mobile Devices During the week of Gathering of Nations 6.3 million people visited our Facebook page! We appreciate everyone tuning in to watch the Pow Wow!  Look for more ...

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Have you seen the new

After last year's Gathering of Nations Pow Wow an effort was started to upgrade the Gathering of Nations website.   The team worked for several months on the upgrade including a weekend locked in an Albuquerque hotel. LeAndra Madalena, the Gathering of Nations Web Admin, told us a few of the key new features on the site. What are the new features of the website that visitors should see? Search box, New Menu, Easier Access to content, Website Highlights, ...

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2015 Gathering of Nations Mobile Webcast

This page is for mobile devices to watch the live webcast. Please use this page to watch the webcast on your computer - Live Webcast 2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow North America’s Largest Pow Wow April 23-25, 2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico University of New Mexico – The Pit Pow Wow Flyer Pow Wow Website Pow Wow Information Stage 49 Performer...


2015 NCAA Bracket Pick’em Contest

Time to fill out your brackets and try to predict the winner of the 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament. is hosting a special challenge for our readers. You can have up to 5 different brackets! Prizes 1st Place $50 Best Buy Gift Card 2nd Place $25 Best Buy Gift Card 3rd Place $15 iTunes Gift Card Join the contest now!  You'll have to join our Yahoo Bracket Group. Bracket Group Password: powwows Group ID: 16318 Good luck!



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Buckskin Dancing

  One of the oldest form of  Native American Women’s Dance is Buckskin. This is a dance of elegance and grace. The movement is smooth and flowing. The ladies wear …



Making Regalia – How to Construct Leather Belts – Craft Tutorial

Host Juaquin Lonelodge is back for Season 2 of Making Regalia. In the first episode he shows us how to construct leather belts, which he says an absolute regalia necessity. …


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