Getting Ready for Gathering 2016 !!

Comedian Charlie Ballard's mother, Beulah, is back on the powwow trail getting ready for the Gathering of Nations Powwow 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Beulah is returning to GON for the 3rd straight year with her massage booth, look for her in the traders tent, stop by say hello and get a massage! Beulah will be giving a special massage deal to dancers attending GON2016, mention for discount! In the mean time, check out the Powwow Comedy Sketch videos that she made ...

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Preparing an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner !!

Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner can be pretty brutal if you're making everything from scratch, here are a couple short cuts on getting the job done without all the hassle. Lets take a quick look into the preparation that my mom put into making an, "easy" , great tasting Thanksgiving dinner! 1) Getting those potato's ready! Pretty much my mom said, "go shop for whatever you want to eat" .  So because I despise eating mashed potato's from the box I opted for the little ...

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How can the Pow Wow Calendar be improved? – Pow Wow Calendar Survey

The Pow Wow Calendar on is one of our most popular features.  About two years ago the calendar had a major upgrade.  We are continuing to make improvements and add new features. We need your help! Let us know what you want to see in the Pow Wow Calendar.  How do you use the calendar, what can be added, what needs to be changed - tell us! AND for completing the survey below you are entered in to a drawing for 2 ...


Winter Time Blues

The holiday season is over. The eggnog is all gone. The pretty Christmas tree all put away. The cookies have been eaten. The gifts are unwrapped. The New Year’s powwows are over. It’s safe to say some of us Powwow Mom’s have the Post Christmas/Holiday blues. As a powwow mom, I bought one of my boys a new grass dance suit. The other boy got a new Fancy Dance suit. And both boys got new bells and shags. These new outfits ...

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The Ultimate Powwow Pony

Remember the movie “Powwow Highway?”  My favorite part was the beginning when Philbert got his new pony.  We can all relate to those ponies because we grew up with them and they are still chugging around today, all rust and mismatched tires. I’m a car enthusiast.  That’s a polite way of saying that I really, really, really like cars.  My late dad said I’d inherited my mother’s side of “car crazy”.  My grandparents and my uncles bought new cars every year ...

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I Remember Pow Wows…Remember When…

 As I approach my 53rd birthday near the end of this year, I’ve been reflecting that I’m really not THAT old, but sometimes I think I am, particularly when I think of how much things have changed in the powwow world. A few decades ago, powwows were becoming somewhat of a novelty on my home reservation in northwest Montana.  Traditionally, there were many celebrations at different places during the “Celebration Moon” (July).  The annual 4th of July powwow in Arlee, Montana, ...


Dancing Our Traditions

Happy Middle of summer!  Happy Pow-wowing!! This powwow mom has been one busy lady!   I am a director for a powwow dance troupe located in California.  And we have been rehearsing for the State Fair.  We were selected to be a part of the cultural arts section.   And this led me to do some thinking about different tribal dances. Being an urban Indian and living away from my tribal headquarters & tribal powwows, I’ve had to learn to ask questions about different ...


It’s Pow Wow Time – Spring Touch-ups!

The sun is shining. The grass is green. The weather is warm. What can this all mean? It indicates that POW-WOW season is starting!! What a warm and exciting time!!! Of course, that means that the sewing machines & beading hands are in full effect. All of the stuff we powwow moms said we would have done by Denver march – still in the works! This is what happens when we are busy super powwow moms!! But that is okay. Our ...


Dedicated to Moms Everywhere

This blog is dedicated to all Moms everywhere. Right now, go look in a mirror and say, “Ho-lah, you are BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME!” Now go tell your Mom, or call her (texting, Facebooking, or Tweeting doesn’t count), and tell her how beautiful and awesome she is. And if she has passed on, say a prayer of love and thanks to her because Moms can hear EVERYTHING. Our ancestors have always been working mothers as evidenced by our traditional equipment such as ...

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Powwow Etiquette Tips for First Time Pow Wow Visitors

Pow Wow Etiquette has been handed down to know these things as children when we went to the pow wows and it was always explained that , if we had nonnative friends tagging along, these where the 4 most important rules of the trip. Today, even though it is told at some of the pow wows in the address to the public, some don’t pay attention to what’s going on because of the excitement of being at ...



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