Vote Now! 15th Annual Native American Music Awards

The 15th Annual Native American Music Awards will be held Friday, November 14, 2014 and you can help decide who wins! Voting is now open and the general public is invited to vote. Help your favorite artist win! Wayne Silas Jr. is a nominee for Best Male artist and caught up with him at Hunting Moon Pow Wow in Milwaukee over the weekend: // ...

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What does “Vision of Loveliness” Mean to Jessa Calderon?

Jessa Calderon, Fancy Shawl Dancer! Fancy Shawl Dancer Jessa Calderon celebrates her Native heritage at Powwows. This Tongva/Chumash/Mexica entertainer is also a talented singer/songwriter/rapper. She shares her love of music, traditional culture and the latest on her new CD with! Jessa Calderon is excited about ...

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Smoke Dance Special – 2014 Gathering of Nations – Powwow video of the week

Smoke Dance Special – 2014 Gathering of Nations –

Buy the Gathering of Nations DVD at View More Pow Wow Videos on Pow Wow TV!

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Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards Best New Artist Leonard Sumner! Best New Artist! Leonard Sumner stuns audiences everywhere he performs, yet at this year's Aboriginal People's Choice Awards, this Anishinaabe artist found himself surprised with a coveted award. Leonard Sumner shares his path to victory with! ...

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BURN ME DOWN! An interview with APCMA Winner Inez Jasper

Burn Me Down...a big winner at this year's APCMA! Best Pop CD! Best Producer/Engineeer! Inez Jasper proved to be a BIG winner at the 2014 Aborginal People's Choice Music Awards. "Burn Me Down" lit a fire of popularity and prizes for this stunning star that she shares with in this interview! Interview By Dr. Dawn Karima, Ph.D. ...

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Tribal Dance Off! Pow Wow vs. Maori vs. Breakers

A light-hearted dance battle broke at "Tekcno Pow Wow III" between three dance troupes. Seen in this video are members of the Ko Ngati Hiona Maori Culture Group of Salt Lake City, UT, Rocky Mountain American Indian Dance Group of Denver, CO and The Soul Mechanics Krew of Colorado Springs, CO. The event took place at the University of Wyoming this past Spring and the University of Wyoming Television crew was there to film the event. Take a look below and ...


New Music! Fourth Annual June Jamz Native American Indie Music Award-Winners

Looking for some new music? Well look no further because The Native Trailblazers Radio Show has you covered! During the month of June the weekly talk show highlights Independent Native Artists from every genre, including Folk, Hip-Hop, Country and Electronic and Traditional and more. Afterwards, Native Trailblazers listeners vote for their top five. Are you ready to see who won? Here we go! “TOP 5” JUNE JAMZ WINNERS: FIRST PLACE: Dancing Elk (Rock-Folk-Fusion) SECOND ...

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New Mic Jordan Album! Find Out How You Can Get a Copy!

You might remember our story about Native hip hop artist Mic Jordan from earlier this year. His new album, Sometime After 83, is getting an official release date of October 16th! Digital copies will be available but if you're interested in getting your hands on a hard copy, you'll want to check out his new Kickstarter campaign. For a small donation you'll be able to get a copy of the album plus your choice of t-shirt, hoodie, hat ...

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CATV 47 RED EARTH 2014 HIGHLIGHTS – Pow Wow Video of the Week


Cheyenne and Arapaho Television spent the weekend of June 5-7 covering the 2014 Red Earth Festival. The festival moved to Remington Park Racetrack and Casino…

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Miles of Smiles:Hoop Dancing and the Circle of Life

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Q) It's great to visit with you!!! What are some of the facts you'd like us to know about you? A)I am in Berlin, first off! I am just about to hit the stage here and it's nice and sunny. I've had such a wonderful time hoop dancing and playing some flute songs for the people here in Berlin. I absolutely positively love to dance and perform across the world and I feel ...

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Straight Dancing

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Host Juaquin Lonelodge is back for Season 2 of Making Regalia. In the first episode he shows us how to construct leather belts, which he says an absolute regalia necessity. …


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