Lakota Singer Nominated for Best New Artist at 2015 Indigenous Music Awards

Photo by Doug Thomas Photography   Gabrielle Knife has been singing all of her life. She says, “Singing well? Not until about my sophomore year in High School. Around this time of my life is when I began looking into the Wicaglata, or ‘women singing behind the drum’ role. I had grandmothers and aunties who sang behind the drum. I would watch them and be completely mesmerized. [caption id="attachment_14565" align="aligncenter" ...

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Following in Their Father’s Footsteps

Check out these cuties drumming along to the beat with Young Thunder drum group! The Young Thunder drum group of Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan includes member Desai Walkingbear, the father of these little guys. They played at a pow wow with their dad last year at Mount Royal Collegiate Institute (MRCI) and here's the video. // ...

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Can’t Help But Smile! Check Out These Native Youth Singing ‘Southern Man’

The United National Indian Tribal Youth recently held a conference in Washington D.C. for Native youth from around the country. Right before curfew the youth were able to get together and sing some round dance songs. This video will definitely bring a smile to your face! // ...

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Highlights from the Ottawa Summer Solstice Powwow

Every year, people come from all over to attend the Summer Solstice Aboriginal Arts Festival in Ottawa. It's a three day event which features family-friendly entertainment, food, art and of course pow wow! Check out these videos from Community Pop which show highlights from the event. Ottawa Summer Solstice Powwow 2015 - Grand Entry And here is a video featuring all the vendors at the event. You might find some helpful services here!...

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Why So Blue, Mary Everhart?

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native Culture Editor Cherokee Musician Mary Everhart Sings the Blues!!! Many Dancers along Powwow Highway choose blue for their regalia color. Yet, for one musical talent, Blue has a totally different meaning.  Musician Mary Everhart blends her Cherokee heritage into her unique style of Blues music! DK: What a mighty sound ...

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Bearhead Sisters Wow Us with their Powerful Voices

  Listening to this music just stirs up something deep inside my heart. I love it! Check out this video The Bearhead Sisters recently shared of them singing a round dance song. // ---* Singing a Song :) Posted by TrinaHazen Aveiah BearHead on Wednesday, June ...


Cochise Anderson Sees the Future Through the Past!

Cochise Anderson! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native Culture Editor DK: You have so many talents and you use them in such a unique way! Introduce yourself to us, please, and tell us how YOU describe what you do? CA: Halito, anchookma ikana-ma – Greetings, good to be here friends. My name is Cochise Anderson from the Chickasaw (Deer clan) and Choctaw (Raccoon clan) Nations of Oklahoma. (Okla – Houma is ...

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Nightshield…Sober??? “Pieces of Me” Shows All!

Is Nightshield Truly Part of TEAM SOBER Now? "Pieces of Me" reveals the answer! Veteran South Dakota Hip Hop Artist; Night Shield has just released the 2nd music video from his most recent album, "The Addiction". The video titled, "Pieces Of Me", debuted online on Friday, March 27th, the 6th month anniversary of Night Shield's sobriety. ...

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Native Trailblazers Wants to Play Your Music for 5th Annual June Jamz!

It's June and now's the time when folks will be looking for new music to play on their upcoming summer roadtrips. It is pow wow season after all! The folks over at The Native Trailblazers Radio Show want to help get your music out to the masses. Read more below to find out how you can submit your music to be played on the air! Native Trailblazers Radio Host Vincent Schilling—Akwesasne Mohawk author, speaker and award-winning journalist—is holding the Fifth ...

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Movie Night Just Got Better with NativeFlix!

This couldn't come at a better time! You might remember a lot of people were mad at Netflix when they came to the defense of the new Adam Sandler movie in which several of the Native actors walked off the set. There was a call for folks to join the #WalkoffNetflix campaign and cancel their subscriptions to NetFlix in protest of the film. I even saw some people jokingly talk ...



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