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Havasupai Peach Festival 2017

The Havasupai Peach Festival takes place in Supai, Arizona., usually the second weekend in August to celebrate their Fall harvest.  During this time the Havasupai gather to sing & dance amongst their community and also invite in other neighboring tribes to help enjoy their festivities.  Havasupai translates to, "People of...

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Artist Louie Gong Brings Authentic Native American Art To Mainstream Business

One of our favorite Native entrepreneurs was recently interviewed by NPR station KUOW and featured on All Things Considered! In the interview, he talks about the importance of helping other Natives navigate through the business world, be it social media marketing or collaborating with non-Native entities. "In native communities, we...

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Acosia Red Elk Video Interview

Acosia Red Elk, or Young Swan Rising From the Water, is a Champion Jingle Dress dancer from the Umatilla people.  A descendant of Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, she did not become interested in dancing until she was 16, when she taught herself to dance from videos of other jingle dancers.  Red Elk began dancing professionally in 1998...

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