George J. Abeyta-Fancy Dancer, Educator, Pow Wow Coordinator

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima, Contributing Editor Q) We are visiting with George J. Abeyta, a dynamic presence in Native Dance. Known for his energetic athleticism as a fancy dancer, Mr. Abeyta is also the Coordinator of Eastern Shoshone Days, one the USA's most popular powwows. Thanks so much for joining us! Please tell us a little about yourself? A) I have been a fancy feather dancer most of my life. I enjoy educating non-Natives about our culture and inspiring others through ...


Interview With RJ and J Paul Molinere From Swamp People

Alligator season in Louisiana begins on the first Wednesday in September and lasts 30 days. In this time limit, many of the alligator hunters, following a tradition dating back 300 years, earn most of their yearly income in a high risk vocation dependent on experience and the whims of weather within strict regulation by wildlife laws. Hunters are each issued a certain number of tags that must be attached to their kills; once they "tag out" (run out of tags), ...


Native Profile – Miss Blackfoot Canada 2011

Tasheena Black Kettle Interview with Miss Blackfoot Canada 2011 By Lynn Calf Robe When were you crowned Miss Blackfoot Canada? I was crowned at the International Peace Pow Wow in Lethbridge, Alberta on Feb 28-29th. What is your role as Miss Blackfoot Canada? My role as Miss Blackfoot Canada is to represent and be an ambassador for the Blackfoot people.  I will represent our people in a positive way, and be a good role model for the younger Native American ...



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Dance Styles

Straight Dancing

The Straight Dance from Oklahoma Native American Tribes is a formal, tailored, prestigious form of southern dance clothes.   The overall effect is of reassuring solidity, with everything closely matched and …


How to Do Threadwork on Feathers

After many requests, I’m finally getting around to a tutorial on threadwork….flat style (not stacked). Materials: Something to wrap…feather quill, dowel rod, etc. Thread…I love Sulky brand rayon sewing/embroidery machine …


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