All Dolled Up: An Interview with Lakota Dollmaker Rhonda Holy Bear

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor "Black and White" Dolls by Rhonda Holy Bear Barbie. Baby. China. That's what comes to mind when many people hear the word "Doll". Yet, for Lakota Dollmaker, Rhonda Holy Bear, dolls carry culture and character. Each of her dolls is a masterpiece on a visceral, artistic level. ...

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Clean and Sober: Donald Keeble’s a Role Model on Powwow Highway!

Donald Keeble lives a clean, sober life as a Traditional Dancer, a scholar and an educator. He's a prominent presence on the Powwow Trail, but Forest County Potawatomi Rez is always home. He shares his dance style and the stories it contains in this delightful visit. Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Dawn: Great to visit with you! Please introduce yourselves to ...

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Native Small Business Highlight: OXDX Clothing

Jared Yazzi is a Navajo business owner and designer at OXDX Clothing and is based out of Chandler, AZ. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2014 Standford Powwow in Palo Alto California and was excited to feature him as my first article in an ongoing series I hope to highlight Native owned small businesses.

Corinne: When did you decide that owning your business is what you wanted to do? What inspired you? Jared: In the beginning ...

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What does an International Beading Sensation Look Like? Like THIS!!!

International Beading Sensation...Chazlyn Minnie Brown!!!   Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor   "Through Facebook I have also been able to sell my beadwork as far away as Florida and London , England," Chazlyn Brown explains excitedly. This talented artist is making a worldwide name for herself due to her careful attention to detail, skillful stitching and intricate beading.  " Even ...

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What’s it like being Native American in “Almost American”? Comedian Marc Yaffee tells all!

"Native Humor, to me," says Native American Comedian Marc Yaffee, "is the ability of Indian people to tease each other and laugh at themselves without getting butt hurt." The star of the new TV Series, "Almost American" continues, "It's lot of situational stuff where other groups might not make a joke at the circumstance at hand." Yaffee shares his special blend of "funny, not filthy" comedy with us here at!...

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Visions From Creator: Bonnie Crawler Smith, Nakoda Nation Bead Artist!

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Beadwork Artist, Bonnie (Crawler) Smith, Nakoda Nation!!! DK: You're a truly talented artist! What does beadwork mean in your tribal traditions? BS: Thank you. That's a difficult question because some beadwork designs come in a vision from the Creator. I was taught that the Creator will guide me through my beading. Plus, every color has a meaning. ...

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Interview With Dynamic Dougie Rain – Northern Traditional Dancer

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native Culture Editor Q) It's great to visit with you!!! What are some of the facts you'd like us to know about you? A) I've been working with children, youth & families for over 20 years in different capacities. I'm an avid outdoorsman/hunter. I love Latin beats. I try to be entertaining and lastly, I am Grampa, a Papa and a hubby (or just a live in boyfriend of many years..haha). Other than that, I am non-stop sarcastic and ...

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Guess How Barb Ledoux Makes Powwow Dancers’ Dreams Come True?

Perfect Powwow Beadwork! Peyak Iskwew , Barb Ledoux's thriving beadwork business,outfits powwow dancers with stunning beaded bling! Master Beader Barb Ledoux makes marvelous creations for Powwow Dancers ...

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Nicole Lybarger Shows the World Natives Got Talent!!!

Nicole Lybarger shows the world that "Natives Got Talent"!!! Social Media fans know Nicole Lybarger as the founder of "Natives Got Talent", which spotlights talented Natives throughout the USA and Canada. Yet, this skillful singer is a popular songwriter and songstress in her own right. Nicole honors her Ojibwe/Sioux/German heritage, while she unifies talented artists from various tribes. ...

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Beading Beauty: Julisa Quewezance, Ojibwe Beadworker!!!

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor DK:Stunning Beadwork!We are delighted to visit with you! Please tell us about yourself? JQ: Its nice to visit with you as well, Miss Dawn! My name is Julisa Quewezance, Im an Ojibwe woman from Saskatchewan, Canada. DK: Your work is so pretty! Do you remember the early days of beading? JQ: When I first started beading, I was so keen on learning everything! I had piles of ...

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