Is “The Addiction” the End for Nightshield?

Nightshield's New New is also his Final CD! by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor The Addiction....NIghtshield's Newest CD!!! Fresh off his recent "Best Hip Hop" win at The Indian Summer Music Awards, South Dakota Hip Hop Pioneer, Night Shield, returns to iPod's and CD Decks everywhere with his ...

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Indigenous Students Achieving Greatness

Yesterday I met with Joseph Montoya, a student at San Jose State University and President of his club the “Native American Student Organization” which he started the Spring semester of his Freshman year at SJSU. I wanted to meet with him and talk a little about what motivates him, and the drive he has for achieving his goals at the University. Joseph is Lipan Apache, and his family lives ...

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#ThereIsHope – Suicide Prevention and Awareness on the Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge Reservation, a place that is often painted as one of the most impoverished, unhealthy and downright ugly places that you can imagine, whose 28,000 residents call this place home and choose not only to overlook the negative, but also to do what they can to make it beautiful. One of those residents is local youth, Janay Jumping Eagle, Oglala Lakota, of Kyle, SD. Last winter, Janay posted a photo to her Facebook profile of a basketball, with the ...

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Hoopin’ It Up in Hoopa

You might remember some hoop dancing videos we've shared of Sage Romero before. Or our in-depth interview with the accomplished hoop dancer from last year. Recently, Sage Romero was invited to Hoopa, California to perform his special brand of hoop dancing for the "Hoopa All Indian Tourney." The video features shots from the performance as well as beautiful landscape shots of the area. Enjoy! For more Hoop Dancing and cultural events by Sage Romero and ...

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Sam Bearpaw Apache Actor!

Sam Bearpaw's great acting career spans movies,tv and modeling! Actor. Producer. Powwow Champion. Sam Bearpaw distinguishes himself in the Powwow arena and in the area of media. This mighty Apache's film credits include the recent "Cowboy Zombies", "Yellow Rock" and "Nate and the Colonel". On Powwow Highway, Sam Bearpaw tells us, “I am ‘Athabaskin Blood’ of the ‘Warm Springs’ and ‘White ...

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Crossing Borders,Blending Boundaries:Peter Ali’s Indigenous Flute!

  Peter Ali teaches Native flute at Northwest Indian College! Peter Ali is proud of his Indigenous flute playing, his Native heritage from Mexico and his opportunities to connect cultures. As he embarked on his musical journey, he also realized that his flute guided him on a spiritual journey as well. He shares his quest with us in this candid interview. ...

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Native Max Magazine’s 2nd Annual Native Fashion in the City

With the powwow season about to kick off with Denver March next weekend, there's a lot more than we're used to going on in the Mile High City. Native Max Magazine and the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their second annual Native Fashion in the City event on March 20th, in a showcase that will display the work of some of the best designers, ...

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Q&A with Artist and Activist Gregg Deal

Gregg Deal is a Pyramid Lake Paiute artist and activist living in the Washinton DC area. I have personally followed both his art and activism for a year or so now, and was able to snag him from his crazy busy schedule to answer a few questions for me about what drives him in his work. If you have not heard of Gregg Deal, he is a main voice in much of the “Change the Name” movement against the Washington ...

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Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor NITAZ CREATIONZ is the brainchild of Navajo artist Ednita Thompson. Patience, persistence and personality distinguish this Dine Beader's jewelry from many other creative artists. Ednita Thompson shares her talent with us in this candid interview! NITAZ CREATIONZ DK: Beadwork seems to be a universal part of Native culture! What does beading mean to ...

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All Dolled Up: An Interview with Lakota Dollmaker Rhonda Holy Bear

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor "Black and White" Dolls by Rhonda Holy Bear Barbie. Baby. China. That's what comes to mind when many people hear the word "Doll". Yet, for Lakota Dollmaker, Rhonda Holy Bear, dolls carry culture and character. Each of her dolls is a masterpiece on a visceral, artistic level. ...



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