Lakota Singer Nominated for Best New Artist at 2015 Indigenous Music Awards

Photo by Doug Thomas Photography   Gabrielle Knife has been singing all of her life. She says, “Singing well? Not until about my sophomore year in High School. Around this time of my life is when I began looking into the Wicaglata, or ‘women singing behind the drum’ role. I had grandmothers and aunties who sang behind the drum. I would watch them and be completely mesmerized. [caption id="attachment_14565" align="aligncenter" ...

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Hero and Champion: Redcloud Anquoe!!!

DK:Great to visit with you! Please introduce yourselves to us? What would you like us to know about you? RA: He hanni waste!! My name is Redcloud Anquoe and I'm from Tulsa, Ok, but currently reside in Claremore, OK. I've been dancing my entire life and grew up around the drum with my dad, Jack Anquoe, Sr. and my brothers, Jackie, Kelly, & Daryl Goodwill, showing me the way. ...

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Renata Yazzie, 2015-2016 Miss Indian UNM!

  Miss Indian UNM...role model!!! Q) Congratulations! You are truly a beauty, inside and out! Please tell us about yourself? What do you want us to know about you? A) Thank you, and Yá’át’ééh! My name is Renata Yazzie, and I am Miss Indian University of New Mexico 2015-2016. I’m a junior pursuing a degree in chemistry, while minoring in music and health, medicine & human values. I’ve ...

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Ivan Succo: Dancer, Drummer, Designer!

Dancer, Drummer, Designer Ivan Succo! Powwow Plumes! Powwows are a powerful part of life for Ivan Succo! A talented Navajo artist, his plumes are prized by some of the greatest dancers in the Powwow Arena. Dancing, Drumming and Designs are all in a day's work for this skillful Dine' artisan! ...

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Youth in the Circle:Cheyenne Softwinds

Youth Jingle Dancer Cheyenne Softwinds! Young People are Powwows' Beautiful Future! Jingle Dancing requires prayers, persistence and practice! met with a Teen, who is eager to aid others with hope and healing each time she sidesteps in the Circle! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor ...

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Cochise Anderson Sees the Future Through the Past!

Cochise Anderson! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native Culture Editor DK: You have so many talents and you use them in such a unique way! Introduce yourself to us, please, and tell us how YOU describe what you do? CA: Halito, anchookma ikana-ma – Greetings, good to be here friends. My name is Cochise Anderson from the Chickasaw (Deer clan) and Choctaw (Raccoon clan) Nations of Oklahoma. (Okla – Houma is ...

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Miss Coeur D’Alene:A Classic Native Beauty!

Classic Native Beauty! Miss Coeur D'Alene and Little Miss Coeur D'Alene! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor DK: Congratulations! We're thrilled to visit with Miss Coeur D'Alene! Please introduce yourself to us? KA:  My name is Kyra Antone I am Coeur D' Alene and Tohono O' Odham! I am ...

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The life of a Powwow MC! An interview with Tom Phillips

During the Stanford Powwow on May 9th 2015, Tom Phillips took precious time from his dinner break to sit with me and discuss what it means to him to be a Powwow MC, and how he came to this arena of his life.

Me: I wanted to ask you what made you decide to pursue becoming an MC? Tom Phillips: Years ago right around the Alcatraz occupation, I decided that I would try to divert some of my efforts towards ...

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Southern Style: Miss Indian North Carolina!

MISS INDIAN NORTH CAROLINA! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Quick! Where is NDN COUNTRY? South Dakota? New Mexico? Oklahoma?  While each of these great states is home to outstanding tribes and Native nations, North Carolina also ranks in the Top Ten states with Native population, according to the US Census. Miss Indian North Carolina, Savannah Baber, shares her journey to represent these Southeast Tribes and ...

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Once She Started, She Just Can’t Quit! Navajo Beadworker Gwendolyn Tsosie!

Gwendolyn Tsosie ...Navajo Beadworker! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Artist and Student, Gwendolyn Tsosie ! Breathtaking beadwork! Stunning stitching! Exciting designs! All in a day's work for a dynamic Dine' /Navajo artist who chatted with us at recently! ...

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