Miss Arapaho Tribal Princess!

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima Q) Congratulations! You are truly a beauty, inside and out! Please tell us about yourself? What do you want us to know about you? A) Ha-Hou! Thank you! Well Tous! Sanííwoo Hisei Néé'eesíh'inoo! Hello my name is Lizard Woman my English name is Emma Julia Washee and I am the 2015-2016 Arapaho Tribal Princess. I am the daughter of ...

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Miss Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial!

  Miss Gallup Inter Tribal Indian Ceremonial! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Miss Gallup Inter-Triba Indian Ceremonial!!! Busy and productive, Miss Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial is a stunning example of true Native Beauty. Powwows, parades and presentations are all part of her life! DK: You're a true role model! ...

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Miss Hé Sapa Wiń…Black Hills Powwow Princess!

Crowning new Royalty at the Black Hills Powwow! Interview by Dr Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Powwows are a precious part of life for this new Princess! Q) Congratulations! We are so happy for you! What an honor for you to ...

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Comanche Nation Princess, Shelby Mata!

Crowning a new Comanche Nation Princess! Then and Now: Comanche Nation Princess! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Cultural Editor Stunning Shelby Mata! Historically, the noble Comanche Warriors were once known as "Lords of Plains." Newly ...

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Lovely Lily Baga, Our Beautiful Future!

Lily Baga, Native Beauty! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor A delightful young dancer! Name: Lily Baga Age: 11 Tribe: Tachi-Yokut/Rosebud Sioux Q: What style do you dance? I dance fancy shawl Q: What do you like best about your dance style? A:What I like about it is that it’s very energetic and there are many ...

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Phenomenon: Caleb Hairston is a Guitar Hero!

Caleb Hairston, Apache Artist! Caleb Hairston   Caleb Hairston celebrates his unique style! Interview by Dawn Karima, Naive American Culture Editor Caleb Hairston of Blue Mountain Tribe Q) You're such a prominent presence on the music scene! ...

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Interview With JR Lonelodge – Pow Wow Life – Episode 2

An enrolled member of the Southern Arapaho and Southern Cheyenne Tribes of Oklahoma, J.R. Lonelodge has always been inspired by art from his Nations. From beadwork designs passed down from his Grandmother Charlotte Lumpmouth, to historical pieces of tribal art, Mr. Lonelodge uses his own style and infuses art from the past. Listen to our interview with JR Lonelodge! Show Notes War Child Society Merchandise Making ...

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Wow…Whitefish Jrs! Interview with Pow Wow Drum Group

WHITEFISH JR'S!!! We love Whitefish Jr's at Powwows.Com! Many powwow dancers describe this drum as one of the best to dance to, while powwow fans jam to their music as they travel down the Powwow Trail. Rocky Weenonis, one of the lead singers, shares his love for powwow and surprises by revealing his very favorite way to sing! Popular powwow drum Whitefish Jrs!!! [caption id="attachment_14899" align="alignnone" ...

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Darren Thompson: Ojibwe Flute player selected as Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Artist in Residence

Hailing from the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe reservation in Northern Wisconsin, Darren Thompson has been a well-known artist since his debut album in 2009, "The Song of Flower: Native American Songs from Ojibwe Country”, as well as being a sought-after public speaker, educator and facilitator. He started playing the flute while in his undergraduate studies at Marquette University in the early 2000’s, citing that it helped him focus while ...

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Native Small Business Highlight: The NTVS

(Founder Aaron Silva left, Co-Founder Sam Rosebear right.)

A little over a year ago I stumbled upon this small business just in time for my upcoming birthday and Christmas. I fell in love with their designs and was so happy to wear their shirts that I have since ordered more. This Minneapolis based company is quickly growing into an internet success with over 11K followers on their Instagram page ...

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