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Historical Moccasin Photos

Moccasins are perhaps one of the few dance clothes components wore by dancers, that still retain a great deal of tribal identity in the cut and decoration style used. Concerning the one-piece, soft-soled Omaha moccasins, Fletcher & LaFlesche state, “The…..

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Why Native Men Wear Braids

CBC recently interviewed several Native men to find out why they wear braids.  Some it was a symbol of strength.  While for others it was a link to their culture. See more of the responses in the video below.   Be…..

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The Native “Primary” Vote !!!

Super Tuesday is March 1st and the remaining U.S. Presidential candidates are vying for those precious state Delegate & Caucus votes needed to win their party nomination. The real race is happening right now in the primary run off, the…..

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$940 Million Settlement Reached!

Great news, “a judge has approved a nearly $1 billion settlement between the Obama administration and Native American tribes over claims the government shorted tribes for decades on contract costs to manage education, law enforcement and other federal services” (Seattle Times)…..

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