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Finally – Andrew Jackson Will Be Removed From $20 Bill

The US Treasury has finally decided, according to the Wall Street Journal.  After a social media poll where people voted between four finalists – former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, abolitionist Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and first female chief…..

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Historical Moccasin Photos

Moccasins are perhaps one of the few dance clothes components wore by dancers, that still retain a great deal of tribal identity in the cut and decoration style used. Concerning the one-piece, soft-soled Omaha moccasins, Fletcher & LaFlesche state, “The…..

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Why Native Men Wear Braids

CBC recently interviewed several Native men to find out why they wear braids.  Some it was a symbol of strength.  While for others it was a link to their culture. See more of the responses in the video below.   Be…..

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The Native “Primary” Vote !!!

Super Tuesday is March 1st and the remaining U.S. Presidential candidates are vying for those precious state Delegate & Caucus votes needed to win their party nomination. The real race is happening right now in the primary run off, the…..

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