Bannock Express – Delicious Delivery Service in Saskatoon!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown April 12th, 2016 Blog

Ok guys, I'm officially jealous of all of y'all in Saskatoon. CBC News recently shared an interview from Saskatoon Morning with entrepreneur Rachel Eyahpaise, owner of Bannock Express. She's been cooking her whole life, but just last summer went ahead and jumped into the bannock-making business full time.


Business is booming too, as she has had to add a couple more employees to help out. Just look at the below menu and you can see why people are constantly phoning in orders.


Yum! If you're in the Saskatoon area, what are you waiting for? Visit to find out how to order.

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One thought on “Bannock Express – Delicious Delivery Service in Saskatoon!

  1. The folks in saskatoon should boycott this delivery service. ..
    The drivers are rude and unprofessional !
    The insurance company will love them as they do cause accidents

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