Author: Corinne Oestreich

The Road to Gathering: Jeremiah Copi

Jeremiah Copi is a drummer and singer with Blue Medicine Wheel singers from Gallup NM. He is from the Navajo Nation and began drumming when he was 7 years old. Copi's grandfather taught him how to drum and sing, and the very first songs he learned were family songs. From...

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The Road to Gathering: Raymond Tsoatight

Raymond Tsoatight is a Kiowa Nation Southern Style and Gourd Dancer. Tsoatight has been coming to Gathering of Nations since the very beginning.  I was able to interview him as he was preparing to enter the arena for the Gourd Dance. When Tsoatight isn’t dancing he is busy working for...

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The Skye Spirits Flute & Dancers

Welcome to the 2017 Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque NM! Today is Friday April 28th, and we opened the day with a beautiful traditional flute performance by the Skye Spirits Flute & Dancers. Enjoy these photos of them performing, and stay tuned later for video clips of their beautiful music....

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