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Launched in 1996, PowWows.com is the Internet's most popular site for sharing information and resources about Native American gatherings and events. Pow Wows are the Native American way of getting together: exciting and colorful, highlighted by traditional dancing and singing. These important gatherings help ensure this rich heritage is preserved and the culture stays vibrant.PowWows.com reflects the style and pace of a Pow Wow. The site features a unique combination of event information, user forums and traditional Native American artwork. We have all the important information concerning singing, drumming and dancing, traditional, fancy, jingle, buckskin and more. Visitors can listen to Pow Wow songs, upload pictures to the Gallery and watch videos of dance styles. Our Gathering Forum has more than 100,000 members!

And now you can advertise on any one of our network of sites that includes: PowWows.com, NativeGatherings.com, MyTribalSpace.com, and more. To find out more about our sites visit the PowWowNetwork.com.

Would you like to get access to an exceptional market? Would you like to have the advantage of a focused demographic? Our visitors are part of the larger family of Native Americans from diverse regions attending hundreds of Pow Wows all across North America every year. More than half use our site regularly. The Pow Wow Network brings together people serious about Native American culture and keeping it vital. Advertisers market to an active community extending nationwide, continent-wide and even worldwide. Our site is also a valuable destination for large numbers of researchers, students, service groups and civic organizers.

The Pow Wow Network is a proven, self-sustaining website that will continue to share knowledge, interests and connect First Nations communities around this country and the rest of the world.

About PowWows.com

History of PowWows.com

Since its inception in 1996, PowWows.com has become a strong online community where Native Americans can share the excitement and pageantry of modern day Pow Wows.

Pow Wow celebrations have been a Native tradition for many years. At Pow Wows people came from miles away to celebrate with song and dance over the birth of a new grandbaby or a good crop. Today, the tradition continues. Many Pow Wows are still held across North America, but have been modernized to include bright, fast and exciting events.

With 4.1 million Native Americans living in the US and Canada alone (2000 census), PowWows.com maintains a large and loyal following who spends time on our website because it is a unique place to tell stories, teach others, preserve their culture, and uphold their traditions.

At PowWows.com we have a special online community where Native Americans share theirpodcasts; and learn about various Native American traditions and crafts.

As a result, we provide an effective way for businesses to reach a large population of Native American consumers; giving companies of all sizes the ability to build awareness for their products and services, as well as increase sales.

We invite you to help us build a strong and vibrant online community for Native Americans throughout the world. We urge you to introduce your products and services to Native peoples that frequent our website.

What makes PowWows.com so attractive?
» In virtually seconds, visitors can find information about Pow Wows and other native gatherings (singing, drumming and dancing - traditional, fancy, jingle, buckskin etc).
» People can quickly find conferences, classes, gourd dances, concerts and more.
» Visitors can listen to traditional and modern Native American music and watch videos of Native dance.
» People can purchase traditional Native artwork and crafts; learn to make crafts and where to find supplies.
» Native peoples have a special place (our actively viewed Forums) to share experiences, stories and beliefs.
» Visitors can trade or sell personal goods and post announcements or information about upcoming events
» People can create personalized web pages (at MyTribalSpace.com).
» Plus, much MUCH MORE!

At PowWows.com advertisers always find a warm, receptive and appreciative audience. Our visitors come here to get up-to-date information and valued resources found nowhere else on the web, and return because of the relationships they create.

Advertising in Powwows.com

Which advertising is best for your business?

With our wide variety of advertising placements (and media types) advertisers can find ads suitable for every budget and marketing objective.

All of our ads are placed in strategic positions throughout the PowWows.com website so they can not be missed. Which will ensure that your business builds awareness for your products and service, increases website traffic and generates immediate and future sales.
Plus, the PowWows.com network gives advertisers the tools to actively monitoring their advertising campaigns (via our ad server) and to target ads by days and times. Advertisers can quickly determine how many prospective customers are clicking on their ads making the effectiveness of online advertising extremely easy to track and measure.
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Tips to get the most out of each advertising dollar you invest:

The Target Audience

When advertising you will see better results if you match the type of people who purchase your products and services with the type of people that visit our website. With PowWows.com over 90% of our visitors are Native Americans (heads of household) with a strong interest in preserving their heritage and culture. Please review our demographics information on page 4 for more details. You will find that our advertisers get a clear advantage as our demographic is extremely focused.


Our goal is to help you reach as many people as possible with your advertising message. We track our numbers carefully so you know exactly how many people your ad could reach. Plus, we offer a variety of package combinations and bundled discounts for multiple ad placements.


When possible we will provide you with figures to calculate CPM (cost per thousand). CPM will help you to compare adverting costs across media types and let you know the cost of reaching 1000 people. Of course, some advertising methods are more to expensive to produce, but CPM allows you to compare apples to apples. (To calculate CPM - divide the cost by your potential reach (or impressions for banner ads) then multiply by 1000.)

Creative Flexibility

At PowWows.com our values might be traditional, but our advertising options are state-ofthe- art. Advertisers can use the latest marketing tools - radio podcasts, webcasts, blogs and flash banners. Media types that will best suite your message.

Lead Time

Here, most of our advertising options have a short lead-time. This gives advertisers an opportunity to capitalize on recent events and keep their advertising messages current, precise and effective.

Banner Ads, Skyscrapers, Rectangles & Boxes

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We also provide very prominent ad locations available in a variety of sizes displayed on the left side and bottom of our web pages. PowWows.com ad pricing for Banner Ads, Skyscrapers, Rectangles and Boxes are based on ad impressions.

Newsletter Advertising

The PowWows.com newsletter is another attractive and extremely costeffective advertising option for most businesses.

Delivered several times a month, our newsletter provides members with a convenient and effective way to catch up on important Native American issues and upcoming Pow Wows or events.

Advertisers can place full color ads that reach 40,000 subscribed members. This gives new advertisers a way to learn more about our website, and the audience we serve.

Visit the newsletter archive review our past issues.

Forum Sponsorship

Our Forums are a very popular feature of the PowWows.com website.

Our most popular Forums are Chit Chat, Pow Wow Talk and Native News and Issues. They are very active with hundreds of threads (containing thousands of posts). All Forums are topic specific, such as: Dancing, Buckskin, Fancy Feather, Fancy Shawl, Jingle, Grass, Northern Traditional, Cloth, Straight. Which allows businesses to further target their advertising message depending on the interests of their targeted demographic.

Forum Sponsorship ads are located at the top of each Forum and give advertisers full exposure for an entire month. Which allows advertisers to make a significant impact while branding their business.

Radio Ads

PowWows.com Radio is enjoyed daily by many. Listeners hear popular favorites including: Battle River, Sizzortail, The Boyz, Southern Boys, Cedar Dale, North Bear and more!

At Pow Wow Radio we play all Pow Wows, all the time. And, at NativeMusicRadio.com Radio you will hear all types of Native music: Rock, Jazz, Traditional, Flute and more.

This gives advertisers an expanded demographic and offers businesses a unique and trendy way to stay in tune with Native Americans!

The benefits of Radio ads are incredible! Radio ads are inexpensive to produce - especially with all the software and reasonably priced equipment available. They are flexible as messages can be changed quickly; plus Radio Ads give advertisers a high return on investment. Radio advertising is best when you run multiple commercials in a short time frame.

Additional Advertising

PowWows.com also have other types of advertising avaialble. We can customize a advertising program for you and your product! Using other types of sponsorships PowWows.com can promote your products in innovative ways. These can include contest sponsorships, ads included in our live webcasts, website backgrounds, and more! Contact us for more information.

Traffic and Audience


125,000+ unique montly visitors
1+ million monthly page views
Highly engaged visitors - average 7 minutes per visitor
Visitors consume on average 7 pages per visit.


36% Male / 64% Female
64% of audience aged 18+
50% attended college

Visitor Demographics


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