A Long Time Ago…Star Wars Pendleton Blankets

Posted By Paul G November 19th, 2015 Blog

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, opens December 18, 2015.  Fans are anxiously awaiting the debut!

While we wait, Disney has been releasing Star Wars merchandise.  Fans like myself love to collect the toys and figures.


My Star War Toy Collection in 1996.

The line of Star Wars merchandise has grown from toys to phone cases, clothing, and more.  Seems there is nothing that they won't tie to a Jedi!

Well, now we Pow Wow people have Star Wars Merchandise!

Star Wars Pendleton Blankets

star wars pendletons

From Pendleton:

Our state-of-the-art looms enabled us to weave this vivid blue and turquoise ombré, a palette chosen not only for blue's association with the Jedi force but also the color of Luke's lightsaber. The stunning result merges the classic Pendleton design aesthetic with the legacy of A New Hope.

Exclusive Pendleton design. Reverses to image's inverse. Hand-numbered edition of 1,977 with a custom Star Wars label and Certificate of Authenticity.

download (3) download (2)

download (1) download

Learn more at Pendleton USA!

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