Virtual Blanket Dance to Help Goodfeather Family Defeat Leukemia

By Toyacoyah Brown on February 14, 2014
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On February 1st, 2014 Cassandra (Cassie) Goodfeather, age 21 was diagnosed with Leukemia. Amongst many things she is the dearly-loved daughter of a single parent Douglas Goodfeather, and 19 weeks pregnant. Doug and his family are now facing a path in life of emotional, physical, mental and financial strain, but one thing they have for sure is a strong spirit! In an effort to find the right treatment for his beloved daughter, Doug will have to discontinue work to focus on Cassie’s healing.

As we all know when crisis hits, we need our community to stand up with us to weather the storms. A cyber community of like-minded friends is now organizing a modern day Virtual Sacred Blanket Dance. Sacred Blanket Dance is an ancient indigenous tradition where a community arises to give relief to one of their own at a time of need. The idea behind this universal giving practice is so that the path is made safe for the family facing a crisis, surrounded with the loving prayers of family and friends. As the blanket is passed around during the dance, members of the community make a contribution what they can afford in a spirit of unity. With the help of tools available in cyberspace, today our community expanded into the whole world!

You can be a partner in this Virtual Sacred Blanket Dance to support the Goodfeather family win the battle against Leukemia! It is this campaigns’ immediate goal to provide the family with much needed monetary means at a time of high stress, so they can concentrate on the most important and urgent issue, that is Cassie’s healing, not where the food on the table will come from. The campaign is envisioned to provide means for everyday needs in the short run, in addition to helping with Leukemia treatment bills that the family is facing in the long run. Therefore the goal is set for raising $10,000! Cassie was moved from Denver Health to University hospital in Aurora, CO as of February 7, 2014. Her treatment starts at the University Hospital as of today. If you cannot contribute monetary funds, you can always help with prayers for speedy healing for Cassie and the resilience for the baby boy to overcome the harsh treatment! You can help us spread the word to your social media contacts or communities. Anybody can make a difference and that is the spirit of the Virtual Sacred Blanket Dance that is being evoked.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Provide the Means, Make Safe the Path

To donate please visit their IndieGogo page.

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2 Responses to “Virtual Blanket Dance to Help Goodfeather Family Defeat Leukemia”

  1. Ricky Brown says:

    I tried to donate but the donation page showed that the campaign had ended.

  2. Sherrie House says:

    This only appeared on my FB feed today, and the campaign is closed…is there another place to donate? Please direct the family to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ( – I lost my dad to leukemia seven years ago next month, and I know the good work they do, and I walk for their support every year in the Light the Night Walk. I will walk this year in honor of Cassandra, as well as in memory of my dad.

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