Kiowa Cradleboard – eBay Find of the Week

By Paul G on July 30, 2013
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From eBay:


This is a full size replica of a lattice cradle board currently held in the collection of the Thomas Gilcrease Museum of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The original artifact is known to be from the 1870s period and of Kiowa affiliation.

The cradleboard is made of brain-tanned deer skins laced on a frame work of native red cedar boards.

The beading is done with old glass seed beads. Traditionally, two women could participate in the beading of the cover, each using their own design as this replica demonstrates.The bag is lined with canvas and calico cotton.

The lattice boards are about 47 3/4″ tall and 12 3/8” at its widest measurement. The cradle length & width is

31″ x 11.5″ at its widest measurement. The hood extends upward 10″.

Indian cradles were used to carry and protect babies in campsites or while traveling. Cradles could be propped against trees or hung from a horse saddle horn.

This exceptional cradleboard will be a very welcome and rare addition to any serious collector of Southern Plains art. It will accurately add to any exhibit as an excellent representative piece of Kiowa artistry and serve as a superb educational reference to permanent displays.

About the artist:

“Poo-Toot-Hih-Mah” was adopted in a Kiowa family and taught the crafts and skills of Southern Plains Indians by Ada Tivis Bosin, mother of renowned Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin (1921- 1980).

Poo-Toot-Hih-Mah has over 30 years of experience crafting a wide variety of Native American crafts and museum-quality replicas. Many of her projects were commissioned by collectors of Indian craft and the film industry.

Commission requests welcome!

All types of craft projects considered.

Click here to bid now. Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Kiowa Cradleboard

Click here to bid now.


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