Peyote Cedar Box – eBay Find of the Week

By Paul G on July 23, 2013
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From eBay:

Aromatic Red Cedar


Hand painted beautiful ORIGINAL artwork! the box measures 21 inches length x 5 inches total depth x 9 inches width. Large box with deep interior. Includes a FULL tray. The wood is a high quality red cedar, lacquered to a high polish finish. We do all of the woodwork from start to finish. The milling, cutting sanding, shaping are done by the artist D. Rain Etsitty.

The box is very vibrant. can hold any number of items. It is fully decorated with brass hardware – latches, corners, interior chain hinge, heels and exterior hinges, and fully lined with a woolen blend felt. It is a stunning box the craftsmanship is guaranteed and beautiful. This box is considerably heavier due to it’s size and the density of the wood.

It is made from red cedar wood which is milled by us, not from prefabbed cedar closet liners etc. Just a point to note that in many regions. raw red cedar is difficult to come by, and the majority of cedar provided by mills, stores and lumber yards is actually the more common ..non-aromatic white cedar.

Please read our product feedback!

It may be used for many different purposes including storing feathers, fans and other personal effects.

The artisan is, D.Rain Etsitty originally from the Four Corners region of the Navajo Nation and is Dine (Navajo).

All craftsmanship is authentic and original. These beautiful boxes are also made-to-order out of a variety of woods and exotic woods. The exotic and hardwood lines will run a little more in cost as the materials are a bit more expensive. Boxes and sizes can be custom designed please contact me via email for more ordering information.

Click here to bid now!

Peyote Cedar Box

Peyote Cedar Box

Peyote Cedar Box

Peyote Cedar Box

Peyote Cedar Box

Click here to bid now!

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One Response to “Peyote Cedar Box – eBay Find of the Week”

  1. Annette says:

    That is one of the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen.

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