Native American Beaded Purse – eBay Find of the Week

By Paul G on March 27, 2013
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From eBay:

This item is part of a collection of matching Native American beadwork accesories which will be up for auction this week, all with NO RESERVE.

A stunning hand made beadwork buckskin Native American Indian bag or pouch – for what usage I know not!

I have no idea to what age this bag relates or from where it originates but can say the beadwork is amazing. Some of the vibrant coloured glass beads are sewn directly on to the creamy soft buckskin others like the circular focal design is sewn onto a backing fabric first before being attached to the leather.

The long tassels are made from what I believe to be strings of plastic beads finished off with a real shell.

As with all used, vintage and antique items there may be some evidence of wear.

Condition: Beadwork is in exceptional condition whilst the buckskin is very slightly grubby with a liquid stain to the top of the bag which hardly shows when the draw strings are gathered up. Additionally there is a slight lingering musty smell from this item having been stored over a long period.

Size: Length of bag is 10 inches (25.7cms) with a tassel drop of a further 8.5 inches (21cms) giving an overall length of 18.5 inches (46.7cms) and width of 8 inches (20cms).

Click here to bid now!

Native American Beaded Purse


Native American Beaded Purse

Native American Beaded Purse

Native American Beaded Purse

Native American Beaded Purse

Native American Beaded Purse

Click here to bid now!


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7 Responses to “Native American Beaded Purse – eBay Find of the Week”

  1. Mary McElvain says:

    Should be selling this all as a set!

  2. candice says:

    I know who made this. It is apart of a set that included a crown, braid ties and necklace. My aunt made them as a set for me when I recieved my Indian name. They were stolen from my home about 10 years ago and were never recovered. I do have pictures of the set as I wore them. Do you have any other part of the set. Please contact me.

  3. candice says:

    Do you have any other part of the set?

  4. phyllis aitson says:

    this purse was stolen in Anadarko, oklahoma. this purse was made for my daughter Candice Aitson, carnegie ok. Made for her by her aunt jalaine aitson , carnegie ok. police reports made in anadarko around 2008. we have the photos of her wearing the accessories, purse, crown, braid ties, necklace of this same design, also lost with these are a burgandy set of crown, braid ties, necklace. another of a baby crown dark blue and matching belt. please notify this family on how to recover these stolen items.

  5. Allison says:

    How aweful to have something so special stolen. Did you ever get your beaded set back?

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