2012 Manito Ahbee Pow Wow

By Paul G on October 23, 2012
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PowWows.com will stream the 2012 Manito Ahbee Pow Wow live!

Tune in November 3-4, 2012.

Head Staff

Master of Ceremonies– Vince Beyl, MN – USA
Master of Ceremonies – Ruben Littlehead, KS – USA
Arena Director – Rusty Gillette, VA – USA
Arena Director – Ron Mc Nab, SK – CAN
Male Head Dance Judge – Rooster Topsky, MT – USA
Female Head Dance Judge – Michelle Lonechild, AB – CAN
Head Singing Judge Contemporary – Crow Bellecourt, MN – USA
Head Singing Judge Traditional –  Cole Beaver, AB – CAN
Head Hand Drum Judge & Roaming Announcer – Donny Speidel, SK – CAN

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3 Responses to “2012 Manito Ahbee Pow Wow”

  1. waneese says:

    I am new learning about my home land i have lived in Mississippi all my life I want to know truth I belive JESUS is my guide want to know more is that OK can I know more I will take courage and honor to know about who my people may be the pulling of GOD is leading me here I FEEL very strong in prayer WANEESE MASON 1087 SOUTH MAIN STREET MENDENHALL MS 39114

  2. Rdincloud Sweeney says:

    Thanksgiving Day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of our people, the thelf of our ancestors lands and the relentless assult on our culture.Feats of gratitude, and thanks have been a part of Indian culture for thousands of years. In Lakota culture,it’s called a Wopila,in Navajo,its Hozhoni;in Cherokee,it’s Selu i-tse-i; and in Ho-Chunk it’s Wicawas warocu sto waroc. Each Indian nation celebrates its own form of Thanksgiving. But for Indian culture,Thanksgiving doesn’t end when the dishes are put away. It is something we celbirtebrate all year long_____at the birth of a baby, at the conclusion of a safe journey, or when moving into a new home.Giving is a way of life for Indian people.Generosity is a way of sharing the goodness such as wealth, honors, and plentful food. “Richard B. Williams(Oglala Lakota) is a historian, educator and president/CEO of American Indian College Fundation. This is only part of the true story of Thanksgiving.

  3. Chris says:

    There is a lot to be said in history with what happened to the Natives of this land, as well as the other half of my ancestry, the Irish. If you want real history, you go no farther than the elders of your family…

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