Nakoa Heavy Runner-“Round Dance Time”

By Paul G on September 25, 2012
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Nakoa HeavyRunner’s much anticipated re-release of his highly regarded CD Round Dance Time.

**Purchases are for a download of the music in mp3 format.  This is not a physical CD.

On Sale – $9.99

Listen to Sample

Nakoa Heavy Runner is featured on Pow Wow Radio.

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2 Responses to “Nakoa Heavy Runner-“Round Dance Time””

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi Shilpa,All your paintings are mlnobidwing! You are such an inspiration! I am really in awe of how you manage pursuing all your hobbies and even getting down to writing everything you do with such details for the rest of the world to enjoy too! Seriously, I do have this question for you how do you manage taking time out for all this when you are working too? I gather that you are working in sortware industry.Hoping to get a reply to that.Cheers,SmitaShilpa: Thanks for kind words Smitha. There are few things which help me do all these first I love crafts. It was my wish from a long time to learn them. So when I saw the classes here for painting, cake decorating, knitting etc, I got very much interested. The classes are conducted in a store which is next to my home (I have to change that to were’ because they have stopped the classes now). Second is my office hours are pretty good now. Office is very close to home so I save lot of commuting time and we don’t have much pressure. I can be home by 5-6. So I get the rest of the day off. It all depends on workload. Third, staying away from family, sometimes I get very bored and homesick. This is a way to use the time constructively.

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