You Don’t Have to Be a Pack Horse Any More!

By Ruth Swaney on August 29, 2012
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For the last 30 years I’ve been traveling to different powwows around the western United States and a bit into British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.  Now that I have two grown daughters who each have two small children, it’s become quite a challenge getting everything to and from the powwow venue.

You’ve got chairs, a small cooler or other container for food and drinks; fan and feather cases; bags or containers of outfits; blankets; purses or backpacks with all the other essentials like phones, iPads, cameras, etc.  You just grab everything you can, hope the wheels work on the suitcases, enlist the kids to carry their own backpacks, and even make several trips if necessary.  At almost 52, I think I need a break.

I saw a lady with a wagon at Julyamsh and vowed to get one some day.  It was a gardening wagon that she’d gotten at Ace Hardware, but I found a similar one in April of this year:  The MAC Sports Folding Wagon now on sale for $79.99, and it is worth every penny.

For packing things to get to the powwow, it’s perfect.  The wheels are extremely sturdy so you can navigate over the roughest terrain without a problem.  It’s easy to unfold and it holds a lot, and it can even double as a bed for the baby with its high sides.  Best of all, It collapses down to a small size and can fit in any car trunk.

The first time I used it, during the 2012 Kyi-Yo Powwow in Missoula, I got a lot of comments on it, particularly from people with small children.  The Mac Wagon has been a real lifesaver for me and I highly recommend it.

And you can now get a cooler to go in the wagon too! Check out the Wagon Cooler.

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3 Responses to “You Don’t Have to Be a Pack Horse Any More!”

  1. Chris Seibel says:

    I plan to purchase one of these little wagons. Ingenious idea! Thanks for sharing.

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