“Generation Of Change” CD Review

By Michael Kickingbear on August 22, 2012
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“Wicoyecage Oitoka…(Generation Of Change)”

A review of the Gathering Of Nations 2012 CD

By Michael Kickingbear (Mashantucket Pequot)

Did you attend the 2012 “Gathering of Nations” Powwow this year?  If not, do not fear…because you are covered!  Released in early July of this year, “Generation of Change” is a musical journey.   I say that because of the song played in Track 01, “Jakey Skye-Flute Song”.

It truly sets the tone for the album, as it’s not what you might expect from a powwow album. With each flowing note of the traditional wood flute, its haunting echo moves you as it travels through the University of New Mexico’s Arena, what is affectionately known as “The Pitt”.

You literally can feel the energy of the place by the time track 2 begins…this time with powerful introductions by the event MC’s for “Wild Band of Comanche’s,” a proud southern Oklahoma drum group as they bring the dancers in with an honor song.

This album stays true to the roots of a good well-produced live audio recording. It’s a great well balanced musical representation of the powwow event. All your favorite drum groups are represented here; well worth the cost of the album. Buy it now for $20.00 on PowWows.com.

MC Jason Whitehouse was quoted at this year’s Gathering of Nations event,  saying “It’s a wonderful spectacle to see…”   I agree with him.

I have attended Gathering of Nations Pow Wow over the past years, and have watched this event grow. Seeing 3,000 native dancers in one arena is truly a sight to behold.  But for this live recording, “Generations of Change”, I would only add that it is also a wonderful spectacle to “hear”.

Buy the 2012 Gathering of Nations CD Wicoyecage Oitoka.

Listen to the Gathering of Nations CD and hundreds of other Pow Wow songs on Pow Wow Radio!

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